George Will: Donald Trump is on the Way to Becoming a Bore | Amanpour and Company

Are Individuals being consumed by discontent? Vaccine mandates, abortion legal guidelines, and disagreement about the very notion of freedom are widening the political divide. What does all this imply for the pursuit of happiness? It’s the focus of Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist George Will’s new guide, and he speaks with Walter Isaacson about his insights on resentment in at present’s America.

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Initially aired on September 16, 2021.


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George Will: Donald Trump is on the Way to Becoming a Bore | Amanpour and Company

29 thoughts on “George Will: Donald Trump is on the Way to Becoming a Bore | Amanpour and Company”

  1. He's been a bore for years now. Same song and dance. Poor pitiful me, give me money and MAGA. Haha, what a bunch of idiots, giving their money to this grifter. Even the rich look like smucks by now.

  2. Given that Europe's lively 28 FIRST-WORLD nations, #5 Australia, and #1 Canada are convinced sub-literate, 2nd-world 'Murka's a fascist war-mongering waste of time, it's no wonder they want absolutely nothing to do with a boorish population of ignorant skidmarks always up to no good.

  3. He is wrong. Trump getting stronger every day. And much of the blame for Trump should be put at the feet of people like Will. The conservative movement has always been a con. Trump just took that con and ran with it.

  4. Will almost always is rational and often right (even when I disagree with the implications… eg constitutionality of federal or presidential vaccination mandate), but he outright misses the threat that unvaccinated pose to the vaccinated when saying they are only a threat to themselves. By being unvaccinated, they as a group massively increase the number of living virus in the human/American community, they serves as a host to perpetuate the disease! In doing so they greatly increase the risk to the vaccinated that within their bodies a much more dangerous covid mutation emerges that the vaccine and the antibodies which emerge from it are completely ineffective, thereby getting is all back to a situation in 2020; a global pandemic without a way to eliminate the pathogen. So me, with the majority of us vaccinated, are severely impacted.

  5. Our democratic symbols, like the Capitol have been weakened by selfish, greedy men & women who don't respect what the edifice stands for. They plot & scheme in the shadows to undermine those who protect our democracy before taking action bcuz they know their cause is an unjust cause that can only be elevated through stealth & deceit.

  6. "We may be rescued by boredom." That was worth the whole interview. But the whole interview was excellent. What an erudite and clear-thinking man George Will is – I loved his comments about the fence around the Capitol, and his comments about Joe Biden's vaccine mandate startled me, but on reflection make sense. I love what Biden is doing, and he is every bit the statesman worthy of respect and a model for the country that Trump wasn't but, Biden's impatience has caused a counter-reaction in Trump's base, in a way playing into their hands. I hadn't thought of it that way before. There's so much to unpack in this interview I'm going to watch it a few more times. Kudos to the news team here – great questions and lots of time for Will to respond in depth. This is what political analysis should be.

  7. Ha HA ha, once again Will talks around the issue " it's have and have not's in the GOP and nothing about RACE" I would love him to mention those people behind the scenes stokeing the hatered: the chi fil a, steve bannon's, and stones.

  8. George Will is a smart guy and well worth listening to, but when he says the unvaccinated are only a threat to themselves, he's missing the important fact that children under 12 are ALL unvaccinated at present. The virus generally doesn't cause serious illness in children but there are exceptions, and some kids have already died from COVID. So the unvaccinated are NOT only a threat themselves.

  9. George keeps "anonymizing" the anger and hatreds that exist in the country. It's understandable he does this, because it is only his party that is doing this.
    But let's call it for what it is: The toxicity in our society comes from only one side of politics, the Right. And we don't have to look too far for the source. It comes from the Right wing media and is driven by the greed and avarice of the oligarchs.I used to respect GF Will's opinions, even though I disagreed with him. Now, I think he's past his use-by date.

  10. I'm stunned by all these republicans speaking this way about Trump voters knowing full well they exist because the GOP spent decades convincing them that minorities and immigrants were the cause of all their problems in order to keep them voting against their own best interests and for the interests of corporations.

  11. I think this person needs to spend 15 minutes talking to one of the women who have been caught in the desperate situation in Texas. Real consequences for real people vs an intellectual debate about filtering. PS. Mobile phones did not start the problems, they were inevitable, all they did was accelerate it by connecting peoples apathy for having their fears, anxieties and needs filtered into an opaque intellectual debate void of any true meaning.

  12. A bore as was Hitler after the Beer Hall Putsch. Trump is the most dangerous cult leader alive today in a country whose shear numbers of “Useful Idiots” out number fully functioning mature adults. Trump had fomented and will continue to feed a “Cultural Revolution” similar to that of Mao’s. As Heidegger put it: we are at the point in history where “only a god can save us”.

  13. LOL. George Will? LOL. Was always a phony conservative Constitutionalist. A bottom feeder. If Trump is becoming a bore, what's a 1980s mothball like George Will?

  14. But it's not just a threat to the unvaccinated. Besides the threat to people with autoimmune problems, people are dying because they can't get surgeries because the hospitals are full. There's a long history of governments making laws to prevent people from killing other people, and the majority of Americans want those laws. This seems like an abtract problem to Republicans, like they don't understand why it's bad to let people die or get long-lasting illnesses when you could have prevented it. It's like they actually don't understand that the people who are dying might have been loved by someone, might have been valuable to their communities, might have desperately wanted to live. It's disturbing hearing people say that it's fine for people to die if they were too poor to access a vaccine, or if they were confused and thought that a vaccine wouldn't help them because that's what their leaders told them. It's hard to believe this attitude has nothing to do with which specific groups of people are most likely to die.

  15. " Donaldi created chaos in the USA and they did not arrest him only because they fear a chaos , ( And he , Donald , knows this very well , that the more chaos he creates the more protected he will be from the prison that awaits him ) that is difficult to control that would bring unimaginable economic $$ losses to the country . Simple as that ! Unbelievable but true and already prophesied for thousands of years! Your time has come, I'm sorry!

  16. You know, as someone who routinely craps on George Will's opinion columns in the Washington Post and makes fun of what I see as an oozing desperation to drop as many $5 words into print as possible so as to be seen as deeply intelligent… I fully expected to hate every minute of this interview and eyeroll my way through it.

    But I actually find Will much more tolerable and reasonable when he's speaking and able to be challenged in the moment by someone of differing opinion to make a belief or preference clear with a direct answer, that in his writings would otherwise quite possibly not be specified, and therefore cynically assumed by the reader to be some GOP talking point despite his "disagreement" with the party post-Trump.

    I still think I'd disagree with him half the time or more on many topics, but listening to him talk vs. reading his columns, which I find boring, pretentious and pedantic due to his writing style? I'm surprised to find he comes off as a more nuanced and more reasonable thinker when he does interviews.

    Considering that Trump managed to seize the reins of the federal government which is immensely powerful, it makes one realize that the GOP is not entirely wrong to distrust a too-powerful federal government. If we didn't have somewhat decentralized, separation of powers which slid into gridlock and hampered him in many ways? I shudder to think how much more damage he could've done.

    But while they might be right that a too-powerful federal government/executive branch is dangerous in the wrong hands–as, ironically, their own party proved by BEING the mortal danger they warn of–what do they propose to do about the immense abuses and policy failures of the states they seem to believe are somehow less dangerous despite their enacting parallel policies of suppression and anti-science stupidity? What about the ability of corporations to act as coercers and tyrants, despite Will's belief that they can and should implement things like vaccine mandates whereas the federal government supposedly can't or shouldn't?

  17. Donald Trump is so much worse than a mere bore, and George Will has spent his whole repulsive and regrettable life creating the conditions for Trump to become president.

  18. George speaks of Our Democracy. Let me say We do not have Democracy!
    “America Is Not a Democracy – The Atlantic”! America slid into an Authoritarianism system. The question now is what direction do we go now? Do we go toward "Totalitarian – Fascism system or Democratic Socialism"? The countries in western Europe that have Democratic Socialism are: Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Germany, France Italy, Netherlands , Portugal, United Kingdom,Tunisia and etc. "Authoritarianism, a principal of blind submission to authority as oppose to individual freedom of thought and action". Authoritarianism denotes any political system that concentrates power in the hand of leader, a small elite that is not Constitutionally responsible to the body of the people. We have seen plenty in the past.
    The Authoritarianism is Inflexible, oppressive , abusive, corrupt, does not follow the plain language of the law. “People use elections to get into power and then, once in power, assault democratic institutions and ignore “the will of the people.”. The word “Democracy” means “RULE by the PEOPLE!
    Kiss good buy to the Democracy! Democracy that refer to a form of government which the people have the authority to choose and decides on legislation for their destiny has been denied.! We need institutions that are both more responsive to the views and interests of ordinary people, and better able to solve the immense problems that our society will face in the decades to come.

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