Gosar Doubles Down, Supporting Violence Against Woman

Paul Gosar is determined for a Congressional management place, a lot so he is doubling down on violence towards ladies. John Iadarola and Brett Erlich break it down on The Harm Report.

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“After receiving a uncommon formal rebuke from the Home due to an anime video depicting violence towards Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and President Biden, Congressman Paul Gosar re-shared to his social media account the offending cartoon that sparked his punishment.

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The Arizona Republican retweeted a publish from a conservative podcast and tv host that included the video after the Home voted 223 to 207 to censure Gosar and take away him from two congressional committees. The congressman then appeared to take away the publish from his Twitter feed.”

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Gosar Doubles Down, Supporting Violence Against Woman

41 thoughts on “Gosar Doubles Down, Supporting Violence Against Woman”

  1. The DOJ, Master at What, Until trump and Gang are held in a Cell, This shit will happen. Biden Stop protecting Trump, he has already damaged the Office and the Country. Do something or get Out!!

  2. I guess the Republicans will be happy if he kill someone. This man family is begging Republicans to remove him because something is seriously wrong with this man . Smdh

  3. Kevin McCarthy needs to be removed from his seat! No ifs & or butts. He’s as crazy as MTG & Gosar, Gaetz & all the idiots !!! IF McCarthy becomes speaker the Congress is going to he** in a hand basket. I can’t understand how stupid the GOP is. What the heck is wrong? Live in the real world not in fairytale land & quit lying. Get out of cartoon land, people!

  4. Y'know, if I did a meme showing goosar being sodomized by a cactus and left high on the top most branch and the vultures refusing to eat his remains because he is TOO VILE for even them I would have the FBI knocking on my door within hours. Our country is F****D.

  5. Of course, why not double down? Being that it’s all these useless, incompetent Trump penis kissing idiot so called politicians know. Remember America, they’re indisciplined little children. The GOP party, their parents must be so proud of them

  6. McCarthy definitely needs to be removed from office. He is such a vile person and likes to keep people of the same caliber around him. He is thumbing his nose at everyone. He is so vain and needs to be knocked down a notch to learn some civility. Arrest Trump, charge him with treason and throw him into a Federal prison for life.

  7. The Republicans, in fact the Right anywhere, can be defined as Misogynistic, Racist, Homophobic, and Xenophobic. One of the Major Themes of the Bible they love is the Inferiority of Women and how they should be relegated only to Child Bearing and Rearing. The Right is Intolerant and Fearful of all those who are different and laughably believe they are Superior to all. Check out the MAGA Maggot Species. Superiority is NOT what comes to mind. The Fact they attack AOC and other Progressives shows how terrified they are of them and their Policies. People like AOC with Morals, a Conscience and a Concern for all People, regardless of their differences, is a total Nightmare to Monumental Sociopaths like Trump and his Brain Damaged Lackeys like Greene, Boebert and Gosar. Their Psychotic Behavior plays well with their Village Idiot and Morally Bankrupt Yahoo Bases.

  8. This is McCarthy bending over and spreading his ass cheeks for Trump fans.
    But…. this is talk. Let's see what he actually does. The "old" GOP like McCarthy won't condemn this BS because they want to keep Trump fans on their side, but I don't think that they really like it- I don't believe they have really forgotten or forgiven Jan 6th.
    MGT was censured months ago- beginning of February- but they haven't given her "better" committee positions so far have they? In fact she has….absolutely none at all.
    So … let's wait and see. I think this may be a plan- to get all the Trump cultists and QAnon crazies off the committees and replace them with non-Trump "normal" Republicans- while letting Nancy Pelosi take the rap.
    This is all preparation for the situation post mid-terms when McCarthy thinks he will be speaker and the GOP will have a majority in Congress.
    Then we will see a definite attempt to sideline Trump out of 2024- if they think they can keep his voters.

  9. The TQPERS not only make us around the world look stupid but extremely weak! And they call the left radical, I guess I'd rather be radical than a raving lunatic!!

  10. and the right thinks gosar and greene are the norm. yay norm. ya gotta vote, everyone says the repubs will win the house and senate. don't let that convince you not to vote. VOTE!

  11. That social app with the name that rhymes with “get her” sounds just like the sort of sewage tank to find Gosar and his pro-violence against women kind.

  12. Seems like a lot of Americans prefers a machist white supremacist fascist kind of government than anything that would include words like diversity or tolerance. So, this is Democracy, right? so let there be a machist white supremacist fascist kind of government be in charge in the US and let the people decide what’s best. What? Oh Yes, I forgot, once you have a machist white supremacist fascist kind of government in place, you won’t be able to vote it out of power. Right. So to speak.

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