Grading 49ers Head Coach Kyle Shanahan’s 2020 Performance

Grant Cohn and Lowell Cohn grade the San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan’s 2020 efficiency.

Grading 49ers Head Coach Kyle Shanahan’s 2020 Performance

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12 thoughts on “Grading 49ers Head Coach Kyle Shanahan’s 2020 Performance”

  1. Grant “Shanahan had a lot of injuries, that’s not his fault..”

    1 minute later..

    “Shanahan gets his guys hurt and needs to take responsibility.”

    Pick a narrative, man.

  2. D+
    He got a few wins I wasn't expecting, but he still can't get a QB coached properly, he still loses games because he'd rather pass than go with more running schemes, he injured players for not handling the personnel issues properly (looking at McGlinchey), he still doesn't have a great coach's element to inspire his players for a greater team identity, he'd still rather blame his players instead of his play-calling for loses he makes, and his draft choices will leave the Niners in a tough spot for the next 3-4 years.
    I think he's a terrible head coach who should've stayed as an OC until he understood how to maintain success.
    I didn't like the prospect of his coaching of the Niners because, even if he did make it to a Super Bowl, he'd blow it, and he did. He's just not a good head coach and should stay under a lot of pressure and scrutiny from EVERYBODY until he wises up and matures.

  3. C+ for me based on blowing 4th quarter leads, we had a bunch of games we should've won even with an injury plagued season! I still believe in him as coach! Let's get after em next season coach!

  4. I can't let that not cutting Tevin Coleman and saving 8 million go. That was one of many fumbles that him and lynch let go. And not retaining DJ Reed is another fumble I can't let go.

  5. Look at all the similar record teams other Cowboys a lot of injuries. They have top 3 toughest schedule.

    Kyle got C room for improvement going 1-3 vs NFC Least who fielded backups 9-7 with winning those games & playoffs. OL wtf no backup G or C. Standing pat on McFloppy. Saleh had serviceable backups.

  6. Kyle has some pretty um weird calls like the wild cat against the seahawks with Jimmy G. But he tried everything he can do so b- for me. But I will say he should invest in a coordinator so he can take break for a bit

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