Grant Cohn Apoligizes to 49ers Head Coach Kyle Shanahan

Grant Cohn apologizes to San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan.

Grant Cohn Apoligizes to 49ers Head Coach Kyle Shanahan


29 thoughts on “Grant Cohn Apoligizes to 49ers Head Coach Kyle Shanahan”

  1. 😂 just go ahead and apologize to the hole team !!! 😂😂😂 special jimmy G .. he will be back watch ….. if all team was healthy now we should have been leading the division…

  2. In the last dance Jordan took every negative comment in a personal way and he elevated his game. I want to think that everytime Grant Cohn says anything negative about anyone such as Armstead or McGlinchey they will take it personal and also elevate their game just to prove Grant wrong. Keep pushing them Grant! Make them prove you wrong.

  3. I didn’t think Mullens play that well great game plan run first. I’m sorry I kind knew 6-10 floor might as well go 9-7 but if Wilson or Trask as advertised likely regret it guess get Darnold now lol.

  4. Grant, how can you tell Kyle he’s negative when majority of your post on YouTube seem to be negative as well. It’s good see you eat some humble pie and apologize. I know you can make better videos with more positive yet valuable criticism when needed. Saying Kyle isn’t the head coach Saleh isn’t cool. So continue to be better at lifting people up rather than tearing them down.

  5. Though I appreciate Grant's humility, he'll likely be back to his criticism after they lose again. 😒
    I'll wait till the season is over for his final assessment. 😄

  6. All bay area media hates Mullens? because of you? lol chill with your ego. No one hates Mullens, he just makes it incredibly hard to root for him sometimes when he makes the same stupid mistakes every game. Yes, Jimmy throws picks too but he gets the ball out way faster than Nick does. Also, the O line needs to be upgraded, but your hatred for Jimmy G is laughable. Just shush.

  7. The Niners need to pay someone to remind Kyle that he is NOT PLAYING MADDEN, in these late game situations.. Is it ME, or, does it seem like NO MATTER WHO is on his team, or who the QB is, he CANNOT sustain a double-digit lead for the LIFE OF HIM?? We pulled it off today, but, DAMN!!

  8. Kyle found a way to win even when we couldn’t throw downfield and we couldn’t run. That was an awesome Game. It’s kind of like the Super Bowl when we couldn’t pass and run in the 4th Quarter. And I didn’t know what Kyle will do. We lost last year. But this Game shows he wouldn’t fail next Time. Because he can will it! Short slant to the left was Mullens strong suite and he called! Awesome Kyle! We swept the Rams!💪

  9. Just like it's your job to examine and report on things ! I totally agre with you . Kyle is a great OFFENSIVE COORDINATOR !! Top 2or3 in the NFL ! But when it comes to head COACHING ? He's in the bottom half of tye league ! He can call awsome plays for sure ! But HE'S no where the leader that Saleh is !!

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