Gravitas: Elon Musk blames ‘government challenges’ for Tesla’s India delay

Elon Musk is blaming ‘authorities challenges’ for Tesla’s delayed India launch. Musk needs import duties slashes earlier than committing to native manufacturing. Palki Sharma decodes Tesla’s roadblock.

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Gravitas: Elon Musk blames ‘authorities challenges’ for Tesla’s India delay

38 thoughts on “Gravitas: Elon Musk blames ‘government challenges’ for Tesla’s India delay”

  1. Palki Sharma says profit to Tesla. Tesla may get around 25% profit selling in India of base price. Who is getting more profit? Indian government at the cost of taxpayer's money. Probably Indian government may not want people to enjoy with a better product. Most of the western countries will not charge like that. India needs to understand, how to grow with others not only with locals. If USA not provided H1B visas to Indian talent, USA may not grow as much as it is now. We will grow, when talented people are with us not by reservations. In China, so many businesses are improved because of Tesla, though there is pressure to local EV companies.

  2. Your video is wrong. Why would Tesla spend BILLIONS in India if they can't even tell if it would sell 1st. If its 100% tariff WOW, maybe thats the real issue why 100% tariff? India govt will learn or do without Tesla!

  3. Tesla is not against to build in India, but before build, want to import around 5000 to 10000 cars to India and sell. Tesla's main interest is to build cheaper car and sell. Tesla cannot sell even 1000 cars, if import rate is 100%. If they cannot sell 100 cars locally, they is no point of starting manufacturing. It may be easy to say, we don't need Tesla, when we have local manufacturers, without seeing it. It is Okay to say India don't need Tesla, but world needs that. If we are intelligent, we will use Tesla to do business with the world.

  4. if we take a seat back and look at it objectively both the tesla and india want prosperity/money if they can come to an agreement it would be good both for the both. I personally think its too soon for building a factory in india for tesla. India wants the cars, jobs, expertise. Its a negotiation basically if tesla cant make a profit in india musk would have to answer the shareholders nobodys there making business out of the good of their hearts.

  5. Tesla is not competition to domestic market for 85+ percent. Tesla cannot make and sell below 20 lacks. If India need to grow at rapid rate, they need to reduce taxes to Tesla or defer taxes to five years and put a condition to produce cars 10 time more than they import. If Tesla car is 60 Lacks only hundreds of people can buy. If it is 40 Lacks thousands can buy. That way India will get more tax. There is no wonder, why China is way ahead of India in technology. Though China has lot of domestic EV companies, they invited Tesla with red carpet. In 2020 Tesla China exported 8 billion+ USD worth of cars to the world from China. Local Manufacturers are more competitive and improved their standard to compete with Tesla and in 2020 they produced 1 million EVs (200 times more than India). We need to know how to invest in long term to get bigger benefit than short term. Domestically China got lot of contracts from tesla. If India is lucky, Elon will start plant in India soon. If Tesla start in India and produce cars, India can export millions of tesla cars.

  6. India, just like every other country, needs a sensible car that will last a long time (Lithium Ion batteries have a limited life and replacement is expensive, not to mention the environmental impact resulting from the mining through to disposal). The car of the future should be easy and cheap to repair by either the owner or the local mechanic (complex computerised cars can only be repaired by specialists). I hope the import duty remains in place and that people start thinking a little more deeply before they rush ahead and merely replace one problem with another.

  7. We don't need a company who doesn't understand our emotions. Make in India is and will be preferred in this country always by more and more people as awareness spreads.

  8. We in India do not want some fat egos of rich fat people, pay the import duty or make in India no other option. Also Govt. Of India Shall charge 50% extra duty on all profits earned out of sale in India for foreign firms, not directly but atleast effectively.

  9. I know that Elon Musk wants to build the factory, but he has to examine the market first by trying to sell some cars.
    I don't understand why so many here (from India?) are so sceptical to this.

  10. This is the main reason all foreign car brands are leaving India and some are sustaining but they are not introducing their global line here. Giving a chance to study the market by providing specific number cars to import in to India in subsidied import tax will give a chance. After the specific number of car will give the company a holistic view about the sales and demand of the car, if the car is successful they could probably start manufacture it in India. By providing it we can't get any
    global line cars and vehicles.

  11. Hi palki, the way you represent the news is really brilliant and I get the feeling of intellect and I can sense the way you prepare the format to present us. It's mind boggling.
    Keep it up 👍

  12. Why would Tesla enter India..? Even when manufactured in India Cheapest Tesla will cost 50 lacks, how many would buy that..? With that number of cars, how can Tesla build the fast charging network in a big country like India.

    India is no way a market for Tesla.

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