Grimes and Elon Musk's SCANDALOUS Relationship | Who is Grimes?

Grimes is a Canadian singer, songwriter, producer and visible artist. Grimes has achieved collabs with Carry me the horizon, Janelle Monae, Ok-pop group Loona and Poppy. Grimes is a latest ex to Elon Musk, having had a baby with him by the identify of X Æ A-12. Only a BRIEF facet be aware on the newborn’s identify. Elon Musk went on the Joe Rogan podcast and was requested the way to pronounce the newborn’s identify. Elon Musk stated reasonably shortly that his associate (being Grimes) got here up with the identify and stated, quote, “she’s nice at names.”Anyhow, again to what we’re right here for. Ms. Grimes.
Songs she is most well-known for are
Venus Fly
Kill V Maim
Flesh with out blood
Stomach of the beat


You almost certainly have heard Grimes’ music Oblivion, which blew up on TikTok with a remix and triggered a fever-dream-video sort development with make-up tutorials, GRWM movies and all types bobbing up in all places, utilizing that music because the audio. Born in Vancouver, Grimes, named Claire Boucher, got here into the music scene again in 2007. Like most “influencers” again then, Grimes began her on-line profession on Myspace.

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Grimes and Elon Musk's SCANDALOUS Relationship | Who is Grimes?

26 thoughts on “Grimes and Elon Musk's SCANDALOUS Relationship | Who is Grimes?”

  1. Yes smart one, people don't know a lot about crypto currently. This would be far far in the future, obviously. It's hilarious when stupid people that can't even read the word "Boucher" get enraged by creative ideas. It's an IDEA. IT'S AN IDEA. She isn't stupid and she realizes that there are a million things saying no to this. You don't need to say your obvious ~view~ on futuristic crypto gaming lmfao

    And are you really listing the prices of gaming systems? ….. LMFAOOOOO yes this will be happening tomorrow and nobody can find ps5's so the job market is ruined!!!!

  2. She repeats lingo she had acquired through Elon. Musk, himself is a clown who's nothing more that a delusional person born into wealth, who wants to believe that he's a messiah. He's a good businessman though and skilled in finding good engineers to hire and to steal from. I don't claim she's stupid or that he had to teach her anything in order to have an opinion, but the moment I heard her saying "it's an automobable job" I got 'tnam flashbacks.

  3. From the little I see of Grimes stuff.
    Grimes has ideas that are, well, ideas. Ideas that use big words/concepts with vague to no follow through on how to execute those ideas. Leaving it up to people to interpret what she has said.
    If she meant people who have mental disorders that prevent them from leaving their house can earn money without leaving their house, why not just say that?
    As much as we want kids and teens to think they can do whatever job they want, they can’t.

  4. bruh i’m so confused when he’s like my partner named the XÆ – at least this is pronounciable. A-12 – THE NUMBER PART is the most ridiculous. does he not see how his contribution to their child’s name is equally or even more questionable 😭

  5. love to see some new content on your channel. don't get me wrong, i will definitely click as soon as i get the notification on each clip that you post but having trish drama what seems to be everyday now 😂 is exhausting. loved everything about this clip! keep it up!

  6. Dude, scene kids popped up on MySpace right before it died. Before that, everyone was super emo and dark and/or goth. Why does no one ever talk about emos when they mention the early 2000’s? Like not everything was pink, Paris hilton and bratz. Idk, I hated emos and their crap music then, I’d probably hate hearing about them now.

  7. Azealia doesn't hold back for everyone, she is a complete venomous viper. That raging witch, miserable and forever alone energy. I hope I never have to cross paths with someone like her or worst her.

  8. The Azealia vs. Grimes texts were absolutely legendary. Grimes stupidly calls Azealia “fat” (lolwut) and Azealia claps back by calling her a “brittle boned methhead” ☠️☠️☠️

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