HC Vic Fangio: 'We had some opportunities; we just didn't make the plays'

Head Coach Vic Fangio evaluations the recreation vs. Pittsburgh, offers an damage replace and extra.

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HC Vic Fangio: 'We had some alternatives; we just didn't make the performs'

29 thoughts on “HC Vic Fangio: 'We had some opportunities; we just didn't make the plays'”

  1. I could script a better 15 to 20 plays then shurmer why abandon the run then come back to it late in the 3rd quarter go with a iso the zone run and slants , comeback, hitches and on short and third take a shot down field

  2. I have a question for Bronco fans. Many steeler fans don't like Tomlin and want him gone. If he was available, would you take him over your teams current coach?

  3. My biggest issue with Fangio is firing Scangs and hiring Shurmur. Why would you fire a guy that made your rookie QB look like our future for a play caller that has zero imagination

  4. Remember when the Broncos always made it to the playoffs? Wow, it's been a sad 6 years…. We're sick of your excuses Vic. How do you jump start the offense to get off to faster starts? Get an OC that knows what the hell he's doing.

  5. Fire Shurmer and Fangio. Horrible gameplan, and Horrible defensive scheme. All coordinators should be fired now!

    Should've promoted Studdesville, or got Chuck Pagano.

  6. Would be awesome if fan are aloud to attend press conferences and ask him questions…lol..that would be funny and at the same time he probably couldn’t answer majority of them

  7. Fangio has to relinquish the defensive play calling to Ed Donatell and let him coach from the booth. Also he has to fire Shurmur and promote Dave Shula to OC.

  8. Teddy's clock management was off all game long .He was very close to several more delay of game penalties. To get it on the very first play is something I've never seen before.I thought the point of having a veteran quarterback was to avoid those stupid mistakes.

  9. This guy Vic and Pat need to be fired their horrible coaches and lack technique in play calling also they lack offensive planning. Vic started the first two seasons 0-4 and has not had a winning record. This year we beat 3 of the worst teams in the leagues and now that we are playing average teams we are basically showing we are a below average team.
    I personally feel QBs that we have teddy is not the answer let’s be honest people at best he is a decent QB and lock well he is not the answer for the team. Overall we need to let go of these 4 guys and also who ever is coaching special teams and defense. The broncos need to hire a offense mind coach that can develop a qb from the draft and make us have a qb that will be with us the long run 🏃‍♂️. I am going to remind broncos fans that the three Super Bowls we have won all under offense mind coaches.

  10. Denver Broncos third down success rate 28.57 percent. 32nd in the NFL (last). Red Zone scoring percentage (touchdowns) 42.11. 29th in the NFL. Fangio has some of the players on his side and other of the players who are not. Easy to see.

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