High Energy Donald Trump is Back… Let's Go Brandon!

Trump 2024 is extra possible even than it was:


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High Energy Donald Trump is Again… Let's Go Brandon!

36 thoughts on “High Energy Donald Trump is Back… Let's Go Brandon!”

  1. Trump won the last time ….. so no matter how obvious he is the best choice this time, I have zero confidence in him winning! I’m in UK and it’s like Trump has been erased from history!

  2. President Trump is 75 or 76 you don't even notice it he doesn't look any different than he did 10 years ago. Tons of energy it's amazing I don't know what he's doing but the dude stays healthy and strong and he beats everyone else in terms of what he does every day amazing energy

  3. Health-wise Trump should be fine his dad lived into his nineties and his mother into her late 80s and no alzheim is nothing very sharp it just some people that way

  4. Trump has not said one word about running in 2024. That’s a long way away. The people going to those rallies would do better storming a few state capitals. Trump is a distraction.

  5. My entire family of Barack Obama voters from 2008 are now ( without exception ) are signing up to campaign for Donald Trump and Republicans for 2022 and 2024 ……. RINOS will be primaried out of the party and Republicans will represent the Middle Class with Trump at the head ……….. We miss you President Trump …………..

  6. Trump Train is rolling to a state near you ..Let's get 2022 & 24 done ..
    It's time for an asskicking . It's time to take this country back !!!!

    One more thing . Trump is a healthy 75 years and yes he could just dropped dead but, not likely .

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