How "Get Stick Bugged Lol" Began

Ha, get stickbugged lol
Please remark if you recognize extra about this meme’s origins.

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Music: Nihilore – Bush Week & Limitless Blue

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How "Get Stick Bugged Lol" Began

42 thoughts on “How "Get Stick Bugged Lol" Began”

  1. The song is from the roblox game, but also that specific song was chosen because its the song for a very rare and very hard bossfight with a stickbug

  2. Me: hears soundtrack
    Me: man, this sounds like a soundtrack onett would make. Wait
    LIMC: it is from a roblox * gamemode *
    Me: i know the truth now, wait did he just say roblox gamemode?

  3. The stick bug likely isn't frightened, they act dead when frightened.They do it to blend in with leafs and sticks when they're moved by the wind, so it's more likely it's been windy. My stick bugs do this when their food plant is moved by another bug, too.

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