How Joe Biden Defeated Donald Trump | NYT Opinion

Presidential campaigns are so much like sprawling, intricate machines: So many shifting elements. A lot that may go fallacious.

Joe Biden’s blueprint for victory was crazier than most. Have a look for your self within the video above. It wasn’t simply that he was operating in opposition to a sitting president who enjoys all some great benefits of incumbency. This incumbent was prepared to make use of his workplace to undermine the democratic course of to carry onto energy. Then the pandemic upended the standard guidelines of campaigning.

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And but, in some way, Mr. Biden and his crew saved the gears turning and the machine whirring all the best way to the White Home. When he takes the presidential oath of workplace on Wednesday, it is going to be nothing wanting a herculean achievement.

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How Joe Biden Defeated Donald Trump | NYT Opinion

50 thoughts on “How Joe Biden Defeated Donald Trump | NYT Opinion”

  1. I guess slow and steady wins the race. Trump was the rabbit, and Biden was the turtle and guess what, the turtle won. And the rabbit was throwing a temper tantrum and fighting to the bitter end because he lost. I vote Republican because they seem to be the ones who want to keep our country great. Biden's botching everything up. Gas, lumber, food, and other things are up in price. He botched up the Afghanistan exit and let the Taliban retake the country. Maybe Biden will be like a Jimmy Carter and just serve one term, either not run again or lose to an opponent. And guess what, Trump wants to run again.

  2. Does anybody notice that the narrator of this video is obviously a black woman who hates Trump , and maybe a lot of other people by just listening to her ? just saying. It doesn't take Einstein to figure that out.

  3. China. That's how. Forget about the ballots that were recounted over and over and the dead people that wasn't taken off the rolls oh that I mentioned the illegals anyway I believe that's enough let me just the windows electronic machines that everyone had passwords to

  4. I liked how when "But this is voluntary" was spoken, the comedic music started playing. Trump's handling of the pandemic was perhaps one of the best comedies I've ever seen. "When your opponent is digging his own grave, you don't fight him for the shovel" indeed works.

  5. Woke liberal bias lying 🤥 New York Times does a Quite Correction: NYT Retracts Massive Error on Number of Children Hospitalized by COVID.
    The New York Times made a massive correction to an article by Apoorva Mandavilli that initially claimed that nearly 900,000 children had been hospitalized with COVID-19 since the pandemic began in the spring of 2020, a far cry from the true number of about 63,000 children hospitalized since August 2020, as The Times stated in their correction. Shame on NYT that’s why the only thing I use the paper for is to wrap my 🗑 garbage weekly.

  6. Conspiracy theories really??? Well now in Aug 2021 we all know that everything on hunter’s laptop was 💯. This whole video is full of BS!!! This pos is tearing the country apart!!! Y’all are a bunch of liars!!!

  7. Yeah am betting you regretting on boosting Biden now a good year later. Considering how much he destroyed and how many fractions from parents to oil field workers hate him now.

  8. People voted for Biden, because unlike in 2016, the democrat party used media to smear trump, aside from choking any propaganda pushed by trump's team. And now that Biden is in power people are starting to realize just who they put in power, and it's not looking good.

  9. New York times u know u are lying judgement is coming and it won't be delayed
    Choose to repent of ur wicked ways and lies , before it's too late

    I have called u and u refused says the Lord Jesus so when calamity comes I also will laugh at u and u will eat the fruit of ur ways says the Lord

  10. Biden hasn’t defeated Trump. If Democrats were smart, they would’ve chosen a strong 8-year candidate. Trump can still run again and he still owns the Republican Party

  11. Joe biden was too good a politician that his natural instincts kicked in. Even if hes not all there he still destroys the opposition due to being able to present as better than them. Hes been in this game longer than anyone and is probably the best there is.

  12. I voted for Joseph Biden, not Donald Trump. Joe Biden, not Mr. Trump,
    deserved my vote. If Trump runs for presidency again, I am not voting for him.

  13. It's the combination of misinformation, bias media reporting, and Trump himself.

    The media often took his words out of context that made him into a racist, xenophobic president. Trump's own ego and ignorance did not help either. Also COVID did not help him either. Rather than lock down the country he gave that power to the states and the media easily twisted it into blaming him for said deaths.

    Biden just followed his master's or whatever the DNC is telling him. Meanwhile the media is silent on Biden's racist past, hides any negative news story on Biden.

    To me people voted for a darker shade of black. A career politician and an a terrible human being of a VP who sold out and uses her skin color.

  14. Well, china joe didn’t defeat Donald Trump. The majority of people know that. This fact will come to light, especially for those too braindead to want to believe it.

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