How the Faithful Feel After the 49ers’ 17-10 Loss to the Arizona Cardinals: Part 4

Part 4 of the Faithful telling Grant Cohn how they actually really feel after the San Francisco 49ers’ 17-10 loss to the Arizona Cardinals.

How the Faithful Feel After the 49ers’ 17-10 Loss to the Arizona Cardinals: Part 4


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37 thoughts on “How the Faithful Feel After the 49ers’ 17-10 Loss to the Arizona Cardinals: Part 4”

  1. Grant, I think Shanahan is slightly overrated. Hes really WON nothing to justify the high praise he gets from everyone, especially regarding QB development…. f.e. RGIII. However, why did you say he doesnt want to be here? Am I missing something?

  2. Kyle showed too much confidence in his offense, and not enough in his defense, because if he had punted a couple of those fourth downs and pinned them deep we could have gotten a turn over.

  3. Get lost man. That lance thing cant even throw a ball. Thats not an NFL offense. Iam not into running QB. Thats soo boring. Thats not a 49ers way. I would rather have a QB who throw 5 interceptions than seeing lamar jackson as a QB of my team. Where the hell is the west Coast offense?? $9ers please go and get a QB who can throw and get rid of that garbage lance thing. I dont know what everyone is seeing in him.

  4. The vast majority of THE FAITHFUL know that Kyle's time is over. We are all just going through the motions ( some highs, some lows) until we hear the BOMBSHELL that Kyle is gone. It will come out of nowhere timing wise ( like GRUDEN) . He has set the franchise back 5 years and we all knew that this was inevitable, when JED extended his contract for BLOWING the Super Bowl. With our luck , the Raiders will beat us to LINCOLN RILEY !

  5. I got the answer for Trey Lance and I love it the answer is none other than Mr Mike Holmgren! To develop Trey Lance! Plus I think Mike is available! Grant what do you think!

  6. It seems like to me that Kyle and Jimmy are as good as Mostert would allow them to be. Without a dominating running game, they both seem to be lost and very inconsistent. I say start Lance and give Mitchell more carries. Mitchell is no Mostert yet, but he seems to be the closes thing they have to him as far as speed out of the backfield.

  7. this team gotta win 3 of the next 4. Must beat the colts must beat the bears….ill give you a pass with rams or cardinals….come out that stretch with a 5-4 record. If yall lose to bears or colts idc who you play next your not going to the playoffs. You can't be soft and put up a fight w/ ariz. then flop to chi/ind

  8. Grant, did some quick research! Alex smith first game to start was oct. 9th, 2005 wk5 against colts. Colts were 4-0 at that time. Same as cardinals. Niners were 1-3. Alex smith stats, 9/23 with 74yds, 4 ints, 5 sacks, rushing 2 att for 3yds. Final score 28-3 colts win. Do we really need to go over lance's stats? If lance doesn't start wk 6 Kyle has no business being an HC. The kid shows he can ball and Kyle needs to coach him up.

  9. I get why the D celebrated their first TO of the season, but shit boys just act like you've been there b4. We all know yall were dominating, until that happened 🤦🏽‍♂️

  10. the refs ignored dirty hits that cardinals were doing trey was hit with helmet when he ran they tackled our defender when their rb was running could clearly see holding on the cardinals ol game is always rigged against us

  11. 'Dont buy a $500,000 dollar CAR, BEFORE U BUY A HOUSE'- E-40.. $20 MILLION A YEAR on an O-lineman without a developed QB, is the football version of that 👎..

  12. You may be wondering how Trey Lance graded out in his first NFL start. The rookie quarterback earned a respectable overall grade of 66.3 through his 65 snaps. For those curious, that's a higher grade than Jimmy Garoppolo earned in three of his four starts this season.

  13. I keep watching treys goal line run & just wishing he had leaped over the defenders or went for the Pylon, instead of going heads up 🤦🏻‍♀️ that should have been a touch down. We should have won 20-17.. learning experience for him for sure! Still hope we stick with him.

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