How To Text A Girl

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How To Text A Girl

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36 thoughts on “How To Text A Girl”

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  2. Thats not a good example. You could have set a date so much earlier, but you wasted time and also gave her the chance to meet somebody else. Why would you do that? Texing with girls is acutally really simple. You build rapport and then you set a date.

  3. I’ve been catching up with coach Kyle I love his vid I wish I had money to donate this dude best coach ever. Thanks for this vid really helped our with my game plan

  4. Bro, you are a GENTELMEN , Super impressive by the way you communicate so beautifully ❤️, Not just the YT video, but the chat with girls was awesome too ❤️. I learned a lot from this 🙏. Thanks a lot for sharing 🙏

  5. I had to rewatch these videos almost 3 times to get the full experience and details of what he is trully saying I recommend other people do it aswell to achieve what they want

  6. This whole text and breakdown is incredibly helpful, helps validate my past texting abilities and helps me remember, it's not as complex as we can get in our head about it – keep it up bro, you're helping so many men grow into the men we are meant to be

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