HUGE NEWS! Donald Trump Is Giving Up Michigan

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HUGE NEWS! Donald Trump Is Giving Up Michigan

44 thoughts on “HUGE NEWS! Donald Trump Is Giving Up Michigan”

  1. This video didn't age well in just a few weeks lol. This is why RedEaglePolitics is better than this because he precisely predicted this a month ago and this channel blew it. Turns out, as of today, Trump pulled out to strategically wait until after the Conventions started and then launched this major YouTube ad campaign and hitting Michigan hard again now. No… Trump is not giving up on Michigan, no Texas is already way out of reach for Biden, and the average poll lead between all the swing states dropped from almost 12 points in July to just 1. All you Let'sTalkElections followers are morons and getting overzealous way too early. This is why Let'sTalkElections is BS. You see low polls from an incumbent (as is what happens in literally EVERY election cycle at this point) and you loose your s_it…. What a bunch of morons down below

  2. Vote straight ticket republican in person. Record economy, record tax revenue, record unemployment for minorities and women, record stock market. Good luck with Kamala… 😎🇺🇸

  3. I live in Michigan myself…I drive everywhere east, west, south, north. I live around A2 area, the only places I've seen ANY Biden signs is A2. Everyone I talk to is voting Trump…again, I talk to a lot of people due to my job. Soooo, just wondering where all this propaganda is coming from🤔🤔

  4. Lol Democrats, defund police, gun restrictions, free speech restrictions, identity politics old habits die hard, supports BLM Marxists Antifa commies, supports riots and mobs, who the fk would vote for that? Funny they always just talk Trump this Trump that and always ignore Democrats and their terrible track record. By the way this dude speaking needs to lay of the soy milk, he sounds like a yapping Antifa npc drone. If you drop someone in Dearborn Michigan with a blindfold on and remove it they would think they are in Iran. I'm starting to notice that Progressives cannot distinguish any difference whatsoever between bad & good progress.

  5. Biden is now at 248 with this news, meaning he needs to get 22 more votes and with Pennsylvania also up 5-6 points Biden, this is Biden’s election to lose

  6. "The American Holocaust" Brought to you by President Trump and Republicans!😷🤯🤢🤮
    🗳 Vote Blue Wave 🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊
    All down the ticket 🎟 and 💦💦💦💦💦💦 Trump and Republicans out 2020

  7. As a Michigander, I'm glad I don't have to watch endless Trump commercials of him saying how great he has been as President.
    Those commercials tell more Trump lies and I feel sorry for the folks in Ohio, Texas, Georgia, and Iowa who will have to view them.

  8. Remember, you democrazies, Trump is the greatest president of America of the 21st century ,vote Joe if you want America to be the fucking third world country.

  9. DemocRats are delusional. Yes, Michigan has a lot of welfare types, and DemocRats have tried hard to use Wuhan Virus to destroy jobs and the economy. They are succeeding, but Americans see this as a simple attempt at grabbing power, the people be damned.

  10. this is fack news people remamber this is for the country how wins you get four more years with trump or the devil in with joe and more of witmore rule people

  11. michigan lets get to it get rid of the devil witmore and the deman rates people or do we want a president that is for us the people or one just out for the ellets i hate joe biden and witmore we need to save are freedoms show God that we want him in michigan joe is the devils man see witmore is bad see her as a vp

  12. Yes, it’s going to be like 08’ but BIGGER! The GOP is falling apart. Biden will carry AZ, CO, & ME. He’s up to 50% in WI, NC, FL, & GA is a 1 point state! Allows Joe Biden to run rough shot over Trump. It’s electoral reality. Obama was never going to flip AZ but Joe will & that’s a sign!

  13. I cant see Michigan voting for Biden. Heck, even Minnesota will flip red. Guy wont even debate Trump cause he knows he'll be demolished. He's a parrot for the marxists in his party

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