I Was A BETA-SIMP: How To MAX Out Your SMV (The Truth About Looks)

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I Was A BETA-SIMP: How To MAX Out Your SMV (The Truth About Seems)

36 thoughts on “I Was A BETA-SIMP: How To MAX Out Your SMV (The Truth About Looks)”

  1. Bit of a up front question here but I'm currently 28. I am good looking even though I am 50lbs over weight. My question is when I am like 40 and have my life together, meaning car home in better shape etc… can I still pull girls 18-26?

  2. 10-15% bf is RIDICIOUSLY LOW for most guys to achieve. I say a reasonable 20% BF is good enough for most guys, unless you're trying to be a bodybuilder/fitness model.

  3. I know someone who, is about 6’ 240lbs mainly good size 20% bf, pretty much bald lol, does not dress in a super fashionable way, makes good money though and you could say high social status. But pulls biddies like no other. So is looks really all that? Seems to be a good balance.

  4. Good advices! But what do u suggest against grey hair and beard? (Maybe its not problem for you, but many guys have this issue around age 30-35. So maybe u can say some useful things, nutrition supplements or therapy)

  5. "From what I can tell, most young men naturally learn the correct social and flirting behaviours between 12-25 years old. If they don’t get it sorted by then they tend to not get it sorted at all.

    It just doesn’t seem to come to them naturally after 25 years old, they have created bad habits at a young age and after a certain point, new habits won’t form unless you consciously and actively try to create NEW habits. Habits that serve you.

    I’m not saying that if you are over 25 and you never figured this out yet, that you are fucked, screwed, I’m simply saying that you have to spend time and money to get it dialled in properly after a certain point of not figuring it out yourself."

    What do you think of that?

  6. Damm, now i'm fucking proud of my beard genetics im 17 and have i big beard, only on the chin tho😂👌
    Since i was 14 i was the only one with a little mustache on school, and believe me or not, i was bullied because of it.😂

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