INSANE Ending Detroit Lions vs. Minnesota Vikings

The Detroit Lions tackle the Minnesota Vikings throughout Week 5 of the 2021 NFL season.

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INSANE Ending Detroit Lions vs. Minnesota Vikings

30 thoughts on “INSANE Ending Detroit Lions vs. Minnesota Vikings”

  1. Interesting, but jeez, a 20 minute video for 3 minutes of play. NFL needs to do something about the clock. 40 seconds for a play?! CFL is 20 seconds, and a much more entertaining game in general.

  2. Be a real fan and support the Vikings, and everything will work out fine! Support should be given and does not have to be earned. That's a fallacy many young and old Viking fans have not learned yet.

  3. Cousins Beats the saints in 2019 in their own home. Cousins comes in clutch to win games like this with a terrible O line. Keep talking shhhh about him though armchair coaches

  4. They're not insane. It's very typical lion football. I'm not kidding when I say over the last 50 years they've lost probably 100 games in the last minutes/ seconds. It's the jim Caldwell curse now. Bobby lanes expired.

  5. As a long time Vikings fan that shoulda been a loss I still look at it as a loss …To all you lions fans don't worry you guys have found a good coach and have some good pieces in place heads up you'll be scarier next year

  6. This was a typical Lions game.. no matter the coaching staff or personnel the results remain the same..this team is beyond unlucky they are cursed..its nothing anyone can say to convince me otherwise

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