Investigations Relating To Jan. 6 Have A Big Day With New Subpoenas, Indictments

Washington Publish political reporter Jackie Alemany, New York Instances Justice Division reporter Katie Benner, and former assistant legal professional for SDNY Daniel Goldman react to new subpoenas from the Jan. 6 committee to social media corporations and DOJ unveiling “seditious conspiracy” prices tied to Jan. 6
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Investigations Relating To Jan. 6 Have A Big Day With New Subpoenas, Indictments


47 thoughts on “Investigations Relating To Jan. 6 Have A Big Day With New Subpoenas, Indictments”

  1. They need to subpoena everybody in the Trump administration Plus all Republican members of Congress to find out who knows what those that testify get information those that refuse send them to the Grand jury for prosecution time to clean this mess up

  2. Thanks 1/6 committee don’t stop tell trump McCarthy Cruz Barr gosar goemert Gratz hawley green Boebert Johnson Biggs Crenshaw all go to prison for life Guilty of sedition. Traitors to America

  3. looking like the cavalry has finally arrived. still like a capitol police officer said in his very early testimony. when a hit is ordered we usually get the sender. like john Dutton always says you got nothing until you get the senders. Mueller is being repeated GQP obstructionists' are ignoring subpoenas under orders from their leader.

  4. On the Oat Keepers, Proud Boys, NRA run White supremacist vigilantes, KKK and other multi-ethnic Christian Nazi TERRORiSTS for Trump!
    Part 1 for the FBI and DOJ:

    Majority of the Oat Keepers were already domestic religious terroristic, and murderous ex military men and rogue ex police long before they formed the Oat Keepers and before committed an Insurrection, who were years before going around killing Black Brown n Social Liberal anti-Fascists all around the USA, just as they were ruthless killing people in US war zones, protected by the deadliest racist, misogynistic xenophobic religious Fascists in the US police Unions, by Palantir /Facebook as well as by individuals within the HLS and as usual by the NRA MAGA Church Republican party certainly.

    There are concrete evidences in our Ohio Tristate, where the Oat Keepers for years worked and went around murdering folks in the disguise of private "Security" and neighborhood watches , whom the Tristate GOP leadership and criminal rightwing US corporate leaders ( Krogers, P&G, 5th Third Bank, Mercedes-Benz Car dealers, local rightwing MEGA churches even etc etc pp.) Willfully hired for their violent and deadly reputation and who abused the Oat keepers not just as their ultra rightwing "Security" GESTAPO but even as their hired political saboteurs, as their hired killer cops (many Oat Keepers are STILL active police officers!) and dark net hired professional killers and are THUS among the biggest domestic killers, guns &opioids runners in bed with the Mexican Mafia, with the Russian Mafia, with the fascistic dark Christian Nazis side of the Christian religion & Vatican, with Islamic and Zionist extremists as with a crazy armed US-based Chinese Christian sect:

    "Dustin Thompson, a Capitol riot defendant, asked a court on Friday to appoint the U.S. Marshals Service to subpoena former president Donald Trump and his allies.

    His attorney, Samuel H. Shamansky, listed names of witnesses to be subpoenaed, including Sidney Powell, Rudy Giuliani, Lin Wood and former Trump adviser Steve Bannon, according to a court memo.

    Shamansky alleged that those witnesses are "involved in the planning and execution of the attempt to disrupt the certification of the 2020 presidential election."

    A June 8 police radio chatter about Proud Boys was part of an approved “misinformation effort” via radio that multiple police leaders knew about, according to Wednesday’s closed-case summary by Myerberg, which will be reviewed by interim police Chief Adrian Diaz for disciplinary rulings. Fabricating the group of Proud Boys as part of the effort violated department policies, Myerberg determined.

    But it appears unlikely that anyone will lose their jobs or pay over the incident. The two employees who ordered and supervised the misinformation effort and who Myerberg sustained allegations of policy violations against have already left the department, according to the case summary.

    Myerberg didn’t sustain allegations of policy violations against four officers identified as having taken part in the Proud Boys chatter. The officers used poor judgment, but their supervisors were mostly to blame for failing to provide adequate supervision, Myerberg determined.

    The Proud Boys ruse was deployed at an incredibly tense moment. The murder of George Floyd had sparked more than a week of large-scale protests in Seattle, with the police barricading streets around the East Precinct and deploying tear gas. Later in June, two fatal shootings occurred in the CHOP zone.there was no investigation until late 2020, when Converge Media journalist Omari Salisbury asked OPA for body camera video from the officers who had supposedly tailed the Proud Boys group. When OPA couldn’t locate any relevant video, the office launched an investigation.

    The investigation was completed by September 2021; several months passed before Myerberg issued findings. The case was less of a priority than some others that involved recommendations of discipline against current employees, Myerberg said. The city’s contract with the union that represents officers prohibits discipline in investigations that take more than 180 days.

    Salisbury, whose questions spurred the OPA investigation and who pressed for the findings to be released, said he wants the public to know what had occurred. It’s been 18 months since the Proud Boys ruse happened…"

    WAKE UP TO REALITY, Black Brown & White US Liberals, we are dealing with the original Nazis here, Kiddos, those who predate Adolph and from whom Adolph borrowed his progrom: the American Fascist Oligarchs and their foot soldiering American/multinational Fascist and Xtian Nazi Footsoldiers! Believe it or not, I am able to fully prove that said since a decade now, due to my experiences with and my investigations on our HIGHLY criminal,and outright genocidal, Ohio UBER religious conservative Big Business elites! 😷🥱☺️🤗💋🥰

    The Time to expose these Fascist U.S elites all to the Global Public's sights and destroy them all that way is coming nearer now.
    Have just a little more patients…

    Godless Best,
    Projectheureka LLC;

  5. he Boxing Day shooting was a Canadian gang-related shooting which occurred on December 26, 2005, on Toronto's Yonge Street, resulting in the death of 15-year-old student Jane Creba. Six other bystanders—four men and two women—were wounded. EVERYONE IN THE CAR WAS CHARGED FOR MURDER

  6. The "call and response" argument is BS. If one falsely calls "fire" in a theater and a response is elicited, that is clearly illegal. Also, Trump's failure to stop the insurrection for three hours in spite of multiple requests to do so is evidence of intent.

  7. Too bad this concern for oversight didn't occur leading up to the 2016 election. The rabid hatred and misinformation that was allowed to circulate got Trump elected.

  8. Finally some movements as to holding some people accountable. However a criminal mob family would call these individuals low level soldiers or associates. At the ready to do the crime boss's bidding "Stand back and stand down". Was these coded words from Trump? Meaning hold off your moment is not here yet, but be at the ready your moment is near!! From the moment Trump it was clear that Trump lost the election fair and square with no fraud. The plotting and plans discussed at high level meetings was put into high gear prior to the election as just in case senerios. Trump had laid the ground work with his words with his speeches and tweets prior to the election. Example: When the national polls showed that Biden was closing the gap on Trump months before the election Trump started saying If I lose You'll know the election was rigged, it was rigged because they don't like to lose." Then when the polls even from his favorite propaganda machines put him behind. Trump shifted his tactic to saying "if I lose You'll know the election was stolen from you and me". Every chance he got to sound off that senerio he was prepping his people for the steal of the century according to Trump. Once he lost many senerios previously plotted was put into action this included Paul Gosar and a couple of others talking to their fellow Republicans into not certifying the electoral college votes. To throw doubt upon the swing states electoral votes. Create the atmosphere of mistrust and suspicion between now and when the votes to be certified and enough Republicans in the House and Senate would do the rest. IT ALMOST WORKED…

  9. The Oath-Breakers.
    Attacking the constitution by action they pledged to protect.
    Traitors to their oath, democracy, the country and the Constitution of the United States.
    Seditious traitors is what they are.

  10. Its all moot. Trump is literally caught recorded on the phone demanding a top official swing the vote. There is no clearer evidence of a federal crime being commited in plain sight. The DOJ are not going after him is either one of two things: Trump has top DOJ officials in his pocket/huge dirt on them, or the DOJ do not want to put an ex president – who still has total control over the GOP, in jail.

  11. You don't need knowledge and intent. Intent is all you need. If you put an ad on Facebook saying you will donatev$1000 to a charity if someone murders your boss, and then someone murders your boss, you still committed a conspiracy to murder.

  12. While you ignore hundreds of leftist insurrections over the past ten years, costing billions in damage to federal, public, private property, rapes, deaths, brain injuries, takeover of ruin of entire portions of cities for months, etc. This is why thinking people hate main stream media.

  13. The DOJ is finally bringing the many tentacles of the Trump-led conspiracy to overthrow our 2020 election. The PROUD BOYS will go down as TRAITORS. The many MAGA supporters that filed FAKE election ballots in 5 swing states, and the phone calls and letters to the state election officials will all bring down the TRAITORS and the members of Congress that have enabled them by their refusal to testify of their involvement.

  14. Facebook are not and never have been a POLITICAL platform, they not The CIA or FBI or Policeman/ Policewoman designed to protect what fools have to say. There are GOVERNMENT departments who should do their job. Not put blame on the media.

  15. judge in Delaware has found that Fox News' coverage of election fraud after the 2020 election may have been inaccurate, and is allowing a major defamation case against the right-wing TV network to move forward.
    Judge Eric Davis of the Delaware Superior Court declined to dismiss Dominion Voting System's lawsuit against Fox News in a significant ruling Thursday.

  16. RELATED: Texas' No. 2 Republican Keeps Promise to Pay Voter Fraud Tipsters — and Now a Democrat Is $25,000 Richer

    After learning of the fake papers, Hobbs reportedly sent a letter to a leader of the pro-Trump group Sovereign Citizens of the State of Arizona demanding the organization "immediately cease the unauthorized use of Arizona's State Seal."

    "Neither you nor the Organization applied to use the Arizona State Seal, and as such you did not have approval to use it on these documents. By affixing the state seal to documents containing false and misleading information about the results of Arizona's November 3, 2020 General Election, you undermine the confidence in our democratic institutions," Hobbs wrote in the letter, obtained by Politico.

  17. (CNN)Former President George W. Bush was entirely correct in his comments marking the 20th anniversary of 9/11 Saturday when he drew a comparison between the 9/11 attackers and those who waged the January 6 act of "domestic terrorism." While Bush didn't mention the attack by name, it was clear he was invoking it when he said that our nation has seen "growing evidence that the dangers to our country can come not only across borders, but from violence that gathers within."

  18. During the 2020 debates Trump said ​"Proud Boys – stand back and stand by. But I'll tell you what, somebody's got to do something about antifa and the left." This means do not do anything yet but be prepared to act.

  19. Hmm, does this mean that Congress is going to hold social media companies accountable for allowing these platforms to spread misinformation? These companies have done a lousy job of monitoring their sites, afterall they make money on disseminating information of all sorts.

  20. The insurection startet on the day the grand wizard of the republiKKKlan aka the trumpetClown on television said "there is only one way we can lose this, and that is if it is rigged/stolen" You have to make him and all of his enablers accountable, they have to go to jail for their crime. But you MUST hurry, because the trumpetClown is headed for Hungary. Why else would he "endorse" his fellow autaritan victor orban. And it MUST happen before the preliminaries

  21. All of these turncoats, two tongued, spineless traitors, traitors not only to the american people or the constitution but traitors to truth it self, are all just afraid. They are afraid because they know that their master the grand wizard of the republiKKKlan aka the trumpetClown will throw all of them under the bus when he goes down. He has dirt on all of them.

  22. Good people that actually have a conscience take too much time and care to call this very clear b.s. of insurrectionist sociopaths and hold them accountable. Psychopaths and sociopaths rely on the good people to escape being held accountable. Their insane psychopathic leader is in charge of a massive number of sociopaths in our country. Proof is everywhere and it's just a 'cat and mouse' game to these Trump loyalists.
    Remember that they literally have NO CONSCIENCE and always justify their actions in the name of God.

  23. I'm not on Facebook, that said I don't think Facebook is to blame nor do I think people however vile the stuff they say should be banned, you choose who to listen to and your choices in life are your own to choose.

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