Iran's Supreme Leader Shares Mock Animation of "Trump's Assassination"

This may appear to be a cutscene from a very edgy online game, however in actual fact it’s a video shared on the official web site of Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei. The video was the winner of a contest organized to honor Normal Soleimani, who was near the supreme chief. Nevertheless, we wouldn’t depend on this getting the Pixar remedy any time quickly.


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Iran's Supreme Leader Shares Mock Animation of "Trump's Assassination"

27 thoughts on “Iran's Supreme Leader Shares Mock Animation of "Trump's Assassination"”

  1. It's sad that Trump assassinated the general but maybe in 100 years they'll have the capable tech of pulling this off and Trump will have already been long dead

  2. i guess the difference here is that the iranian terrorist was terminated on his terrorist vacation, while trump has reminded the iranian regime terrorists that they are trash, and has all but dared them to try to assassinate him, including reminding them why their terrorist trash example was terminated. quite a difference.

  3. If Lauren "GED" Boebert can make a video about assassinating the head of the HOR.
    Then why can't Iran make a video about killing some dementia infested senior?
    Seems fair.

  4. rt, putting their fingers in that pot and stirring. got it. your angle has become clear. stalin 2.0 the marxist butchers of the 20th century would be proud. unsubbed rt. If I want propaganda and marxist slanted news I will watch cnn. I don't. no you. bye I wonder if I make a vid depicting the assassination of putin would you play that too? likely not. good luck U.S.S.R…

  5. Lol and they are using a B2 to kill him? These guys can keep dreaming. That animation just made them happy, so they can pretend they killed him already lmao. When the government is run by a bunch of kids

  6. The animation is fairly decent. But the tease is unforgivable. I mean, what's next? An animation showing Fuck Joe Biden having a heart attack?

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