Is 49ers HC Kyle Shanahan Tradeable?

Grant Cohn and Jessie Naylor focus on whether or not San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan is tradeable.

Is 49ers HC Kyle Shanahan Tradeable?

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21 thoughts on “Is 49ers HC Kyle Shanahan Tradeable?”

  1. Question would be if Shanahan is willing be traded.

    I guess he would burn bridges and ruin any chances to bring offers on the table because his ego can't accept he's the problem.

    I bet his bad calling is for tanking because he wants to go Minnesota and Cousins for free without give anything in return to the 49ers.

  2. Trade Kyle to Jax for a first in 2022. Then cut ties with Compton, Ford, Jimmy G, Mack, Norman, Tartt, Ward, Gould, Verrett, Hurd, James, Benjamin, Mostert and Sanu. Build around Lance on offense, Warner and Bosa on defense. Stay away from anyone over 30 years old and anyone with injury history. Lynch should also go. He is all about character guys (S Thomas, M McGlinchy) but fails to see the lack of talent in them.

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