'It's evil': Jim Acosta reacts to Trump's remark during interview

CNN’s Jim Acosta discusses the chaos round masks in colleges and different coronavirus restrictions, and a few Republicans who’re supporting the obvious bullies in these cases.

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'It's evil': Jim Acosta reacts to Trump's remark during interview

26 thoughts on “'It's evil': Jim Acosta reacts to Trump's remark during interview”

  1. Or maybe you with 200,000 illegal immigrants coming across the border in one month…. Maybe if it's 300,000 people would settle down..
    ? What do you think 🤔🤔🤔.. maybe 2.5 million illegals coming across our borders in the next year.. maybe Joe should up the number…
    What do you think Jim ?? I can't figure out why people are getting upset ?? Get the shot or lose your job !!!! Joe's poll has dropped to 30%thats unreal !!!! I see it in the twenties in the future !!! Never before this happened !!

  2. Maybe the Gestapo Joe needs to sign some more executive orders…… Maybe the people will settle down when he had hires the 80,000 IRS people to monitor all their bank accounts ? What do you think 🤔🤔🤔

  3. “Why are we building a nation of bullies?” Much of the international citizenry will find that an ironic question. For much of American history, history of the White American, the role has been perceived as that of a bully by everyone one the receiving end and those observing. The greatest fear of the USA by the international community is that of the USA’s penchant to bully. Therefore the situation in the USA now is bemusement to others. Could it be the case of reaping what has been sown? If you tend a garden imperfectly, you will have to contend with the plants that have grown to big to control, for if it will not submit it will be removed. It is ironic (but fitting justice to some) that the USA has now to be a bully to its own citizen bullies.

  4. i'ts all mostly peaceful Jim, don't be a hypocrite,, you can't bash this when you Dems condoned all the looting and riots,, why don't you report on the senile Biden and what he is doing to this country,, you people are sick

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