Jarred Kelenic Reflects on Seattle Mariners Missing Playoffs & Emotional Kyle Seager Send Off

Watch as Jarred Kelenic Reflects on Seattle Mariners Missing Playoffs & Emotional Kyle Seager Send Off

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Jarred Kelenic Reflects on Seattle Mariners Missing Playoffs & Emotional Kyle Seager Send Off

20 thoughts on “Jarred Kelenic Reflects on Seattle Mariners Missing Playoffs & Emotional Kyle Seager Send Off”

  1. Still the worst organization in not just baseball but all of professional sports. 40+ years and never been to the world series. 20 years and haven't been to the playoffs. They think a 180 hitter is going to lead them to the promise land? LMFAO. They had a minus 50+ run differential this year. They have 75-80 wins next year written all over them next year.


  3. It's scary how good this team can be. I believe this team will get better each season with depth of young players learning to play. Kelenic, Raleigh, Gilbert, lewis is just the beginning. The mariners will get more young talent like Julio, noevli marte, Kirby, Hancock, brash and more. This team should be feared and I believe this is start of world series wins

  4. Fans need to take a breath. Likely Kelenick will end up like most Mariner prospects; fizzle out or get disgruntled and disappointed and then get traded for beans for another 5 year rebuild plan. Mariners are s AAA organization, top to bottom.

  5. It's really hard to judge Jerrod Kelenic. I mean he hit 14 homers and had 43 RBIs but his batting average was terrible @ .181. I am not trying to be hard on him, like I said right not it's hard to judge or anyone over less than a full season. It does or should show us his capability. His current project full-season stats would be 24 HRs and 76 RBIs and of course a .181 batting average, again that is fine for a start. I think he will get better. Or maybe a Kyle Seager type player = low batting average, high HRs, and RBIs. Time will tell. Okay on to Kyle Seager.

    I haven't been a real Kyle Seager fan. But then again really nothing against him either. I don't understand all these fancy stats. I am old, I look at Batting average, HRs, and RBIs. Kyle Seager gave you two of the three = HRs and RBIs. He never was a great batting average player. But he gave the Mariners what they needed when most couldn't. Then to listen to Kyle Seager on the last game post-game show. To learn that he was pulled, to learn he has probably played his last game as a Mariner…to learn that he and Jerry Dipoto hadn't talked in years! Appalling! This is why I stopped being a Jerry Dipoto fan! That is showing no respect for Kyle Seager.

    The team President Kevin Mather states that Kyle Seager "Is probably over-paid" you never saw Jerry Dipoto rushing in to defend Kyle. Dipoto said something when confronted by it and it really wasn't much of a defense either. So let's get back to the fact that the two hadn't talked in years. So obviously Jerry Dipoto knew this day was coming and said nothing, just the attitude "He finds out later"…totally disrespectful! Why let him go? Surely you could have gotten something better via trade than a compensation pick {If there is one}.

    Consider this. The Mariners team were a bunch of over-achievers. So a few tweaks here and there will more likely not be enough. If you take this exact team into next year {Including Kyle} I doubt you will get even 81 wins {81-81 record}. So if you remove Kyle Seager that for the time being is going to be the biggest shoes you have to fill. Kyle Lewis is very injury-prone, personally, I would not count too much on him. I've said my piece about Jerrod Kelenic. For the most part, the Mariners are relying on a lot of "What-ifs". "What-ifs" is not putting together a competitive team. Jerry Dipoto has his work cut out for him. You gave him what, a three-year extension! May have been a bad move. Consider he didn't quite do enough during the trade deadline, once again, like in years passed playing it safe. If he could have just made one more solid move we may be in the playoffs now! Tyler Anderson is an innings eater…we really didn't see much of that did we? I have always been against innings eaters because you either just want to get through innings or you want to win!

  6. I've been a JK guy since he came up and through the struggle… Meeting him was one of the coolest moments this year for me and seeing him blast one was up there also.. The emotion from him is a sign that he already holds himself to a higher standard and expects to get it done… He's learning leadership and when the rest of that number one farm gets up watch out

  7. Jarred Kelenic, you have made a huge improvement this year and as a Mariners fan, I am truly grateful for your hard work and passion to lift the Mariners to a remarkable 90 Wins Season!

    I loved your timely clutch hits and home runs and aggressive diving catches in the outfield.

    I hope you take a relaxing and comfortable break(vacation) during the off-season with your family and close people.

    After the break, I am absolutely looking forward to your hard work and evolution to become a Ken Griffey Junior-like player in the MLB.

    Thank you so much for wonderful moments this year and see you soon in 2022 Mariners regular season!

  8. He's an amazing guy and even a better teammate lol usually that's said the other way around. Anyhow I'm a seager fan for life and although J kelenic didn't put up great numbers he showed a lit of improvement and his attitude is something Seattle hasn't had in a while and really needed. We have had way to many passive players on this team in the past and this dude shows the hunger to win as a team and succeed individually, which I think will carry on to the other players.

  9. Seeing Jarred being successful at bat makes me happy. I want nothing, but the best for him.Through the lows and highs it’s been fun watching him play and I can’t wait for 2022.

  10. I had a great time at the oct 1 game! Kelenic really caught fire the last stretch, can't wait to see what he does next year! I picked up some of his rookie cards, still working on an autograph card but they're pricey lol.

  11. Kelenic closed the season out STRONG!! Well, the whole team did, really. But my man Kelenic was NO JOKE the last 2 months of the season!! I just CAN’T WAIT to get Kyle Lewis and James Paxton back next season!! We’re gonna be straight 🔥🔥🔥 in 2022!!! #seausrise

  12. JK and J-ROD are the future stars to come. They both are so obsessed with baseball they want to win badly. So if the front office does their job right, they can build a dynasty around these guys.
    Can’t wait till Next Year.

  13. Proud of this kid! I’m going to be honest, I didn’t really like him when he came up. But after watching him play and grow and be a part of this team the last few months, I realize how lucky the Mariners and Mariners fans are to have such a young guy who is this passionate about playing winning baseball. Let’s fucking go.

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