Jeanine Pirro Cold Open – SNL

Jeanine Pirro (Cecily Sturdy) discusses the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict and welcomes Donald Trump (James Austin Johnson) to debate Biden’s Construct Again Higher infrastructure invoice.

Saturday Evening Reside. Stream now on Peacock:

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Jeanine Pirro Cold Open – SNL

29 thoughts on “Jeanine Pirro Cold Open – SNL”

  1. The talent is so good, but I can’t watch SNL because the writing is just soooo bad. Not only is it politically one-sided, it just isn’t that funny. Really miss the funny SNL

  2. objectively looking at evidence the past trial shows the media avoiding due process abhorable news anchor JOY REID of MSNBC is a glorified racist as shown in this recent coverage by other journalists video at bottom. Glenn Greenwald truly liberal left greenwald /Megyn Kelly who show the upside down world of the "Woke McCarthyism of the "narrative" that refuses facts this case was never about race but SNL and media prefers it to be that way (ri.i.p anybody who dies or harmed in conflict with rioting and looting and lawlessness of course_)( still facts and due process and self-defense are serious parts of society for everybody of all color and all religions — unless you want to be Joe Biden who as candidate-politician uses defendant Rittenhouse-as-mocked-up white supramcy vigilante which media provoked the past 14 months JoY REID who stated "male white tears are supreme to rest of us citing Justice Kavanaughand alleged-but disproven white-supremacist vigilante Rittenhouse this video following clarifies

  3. Why can’t Saturday Night Live go on the attack on the other side for once. MSNBC should give them enough material for years. I grew up watching the show and it was a tradition for my family to watch it every Saturday and now I can’t watch it at all.

  4. All 3 of Kyles attackers were chasing him and either threatening him or violently attacking him. Watch the 2 hour defense closing argument it’s all on video. Nobody likes Democrat anymore in 2021 but hey Build Taliban Back Better right?

  5. Kyles father lived there, Kyle worked there, and had friends there. It was 20 minutes from his home. It’s like telling me don’t travel from Marin to San Francisco.

  6. This little MAGA bigot armed himself and willingly went into a situation where he could have a chance to kill people as a self-appointed weekend warrior vigilante to protect private property to the death with a f-ing assault weapon. He (and Republicans in general) are LUSTING TO KILL lefties. They're lusting for a white supremacist, fascist, Christian dictatorship / civil war. They'll go full Nazi if we let them.

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