JESSE KELLY: We Don't Have Time For Donald Trump's Ego

Though Jesse admired so much from Trump’s Presidency, he doesn’t imagine he’s the person to take the nation ahead in 2024. Truly, Donald Trump has spent the final a number of months speaking in regards to the vaccine in an effort to get the credit score he deserves. Jesse believes this vaccine speak is the brand new “white supremacy” subject: don’t fall into that entice.

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JESSE KELLY: We Don't Have Time For Donald Trump's Ego

38 thoughts on “JESSE KELLY: We Don't Have Time For Donald Trump's Ego”

  1. This is great, Jesse! Energy levels through the roof.
    We don't need another (orange) vaccines salesman.
    He did a lot for us but he totally sold us out in 2020. I want nothing to do with this man ever again.
    It is DeSantis 2024 full speed!

  2. All of you are misunderstanding Jesse’s point, Trump’s normal ego we’re used to isn’t the problem. His ego over this vaccine BS is. Trump was saying in an interview, that only the unvaccinated were getting and spreading COVID. I love Trump, but he needs to stop with the BS.

  3. What is the alternative ti Donald Trump? Politicians on this level are all having a degree of narcissism, it is the way of the world. If it is not going to be Trump's egotrip, it will be someone else's. So what is your suggestion? Help us out here. Humility does not blossom among people on the Hill of Washington DC, so this will be interesting…as time is getting scarse, I believe we will have to withstand his ego, and at the same time get his love for USA and its people. In Biden we have the ego, and no love, only divide.

  4. That hysterical screeching was driving ME up the wall. We don't have time NOT to deal with his ego. He's the only one capable of doing the job right now. I don't remember that about White Supremacy at all. I remember him saying "Yes, I condemn it" and then moving on. Not sure what you were watching? This is very disappointing. If you don't realize that Trump's ego is what got him elected, you don't understand his appeal. #Trump2024

  5. Trump ego on vax disqualifies him. He shut the economy down, put Fauci in charge, gave billions to the pharmaceutical companies to make a vaccine that doesn’t work and has killed tens of thousands unnecessarily – all based on the BS model. He’s not qualified because he stupid when it comes to vaccines but moreover disqualified because he’s supporting unconstitutional
    Vax mandates

  6. Trump lost thousands- billion not because of his ego; was because he was serving & fighting for the American people. Attack to the real enemies, the democrats😈😡😈

  7. I think everyone feels like this. The fact that Trump is obsessed with vaxxes has definitely affected his base. I’m not even slightly interested in anything he has to say anymore.

  8. There's nothing wrong with the vaccine. The only problem is the MANDATE. If you don't want it, don't take it. Don't try to stop others from taking it. You're right, you're out!!!❤🇺🇸😀

  9. Ok can you list your accomplishments Jesse? In the world of business and politics? Let's see how it compares to Trump. First name one president who was attacked more than him and how they handled themselves better. They would not even give him space to grieve the death of his brother. As a conservative I'm open to new ideas, views I don't agree with and willing to make time for your ego. Go!

  10. As much as I like Trump I agree! And most level headed people do.his mouth got him in more trouble and have the lefties more ammo than it ever should’ve been.

  11. Jesse is compromised…he was paid off obviously…time to unsubscribe, who cares if he wants credit for the vaccine, your ego is bigger then trumps right now jesse….and so is your jealousy….jesse is a rhinoc just proved it

  12. WOW! Obviously you can do a much better job than Donald Trump. I’ll watch for the announcement of your candidacy. By the way#1, how much international business experience do you have? How much experience do you have working with foreign leaders? If you’re NOT going to run, what’s the name of this perfect candidate you have in mind? I can’t wait to vote for him or her. By the way#2, the thing I like about President Trump’s ego is it fuels all the great things he does for us and for this country we all love.

  13. When giving the opportunity the people will vote for who best represents their mentality. On one side you have Trump, on the other you have Biden. The cancer that is killing this democracy lies in the people, not the government.

  14. Exactly right about DT and pharma Vax crazy making. I do not want him or would like him to run. Please no more playing into the hands of the left. I detest the Vax. Put in DeSantis and step aside.

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