Joe Responds To Lindsey Graham's Trump Flip-Flop: 'These Guys Are Out Of Their Minds'

After Sen. Linsey Graham offers Sen. Mitch McConnell an ultimatum over his assist for Donald Trump, the Morning Joe roundtable discusses his and different Republicans lack of braveness to stroll away from the previous president. 

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Joe Responds To Lindsey Graham’s Trump Flip-Flop: ‘These Guys Are Out Of Their Minds’

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Joe Responds To Lindsey Graham's Trump Flip-Flop: 'These Guys Are Out Of Their Minds'

30 thoughts on “Joe Responds To Lindsey Graham's Trump Flip-Flop: 'These Guys Are Out Of Their Minds'”

  1. How can their constituents believe anything that comes out of their flipping and flopping mouths? Their is absolutely no integrity when it comes to the power grab. Kevin McCarthy will sell his soul to the devil to get that Speaker of the House position. We all have a pretty good idea why McCarthy is not cooperating with the January 6th Committee. The good news is that they don’t really need his testimony, his silence is golden.

  2. Before Donald Trump the constitution was thought to be a document unlike most others (even with it's obvious hypocritical assertions) – he has revealed it to be nothing more than a convoluted series of words on paper only meant to deter those who want to be deterred.

  3. I'm starring at the back of the blond woman's head and through two segments of the show, she has not been given a chance to speak. Because JOE WON'T SHUT UP. Mica quietly attempts to interject with no success. Male guests are allowed to speak in short sentences, they know the drill. And still, we are looking at the back of the head of the blond woman. Oh, look! She speaks! Five minutes into the segment, with one minute left, she is allowed a few lines and 30 seconds of camera time! Mica will have to be satisfied with her few interjections. Again.

  4. It's beyond belief that I could have sympathy for Mitch but we are now witnessing a man who is more contemptuous. How have we degenerated to this low place?

  5. The Republican party leadership has set out to make President Biden's presidency a failed one where ever they can; they are using the rich, big business to go up on prices, SCOTUS to rule against the majority of our nation on whatever issues it can & they're even using 2 Democratic Congress members (undercover Republican moles) against President Biden, Vice President Harris & the will of the MAJORITY of WE THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES.

    The Republican party has been a corrupt, money & power hungry, elitist, racist, misogynistic, lying, deceptive, down & dirty party and the Democratic party continue to come to the fight with careful words & they are being destroyed by the Republican Mafia; the Democrats need to put on their big people drawers & fight fire with fire. They should never put their members out because of silly missteps & shouldn't even discipline them, even modestly, in the open ever again, at least, not until the Republicans clean their membership of the corrupt despicables in their party.
    The Republican party makes me physically ill almost everytime I hear what they are saying & doing; I pray for man's & GOD'S justice to expose & punish each and everyone one of the criminals & those who are complicit in their silence.

  6. Politicians speak out of both sides of their orifices. Pathetic. Our democracy is in grave danger. I don't get why Trump isn't in jail — anybody else would be for what he did to this country. We the people need to get out their and make sure he isn't even qualified to run a 2nd term. Are you kidding me? This is a twice impeached president who has thrown away the rule of law. Wake up people!! The election wasn't stolen, you idiots.

  7. If I was to tell family and friends one thing, and act another way, I may really raise the concern of the people I'm interacting with, how is it eveeryone can accept the psychosis of these complicit, seditions Republicans. Can we ever get America back on track somehow?

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