John Cleese’s Hilarious Donald Trump Rant

John Cleese for Prime Minister?
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John Cleese’s Hilarious Donald Trump Rant

36 thoughts on “John Cleese’s Hilarious Donald Trump Rant”

  1. Easy to ridicule what you don't understand and Cleese is no different than any other fool who claims to know more. I wonder what he'd say NOW, knowing what he knows about our current situation with a Dementia Ridden man who has—in 9 short months—ruined an economy that was building to a strength never before had in the U.S. It's easy to say, "But what about the poor, the down trodden, the sick, the old, the gay, the confused, the drugged, the homeless." Let's just say this country—40 short years ago—had the ability to care for the poor, homeless, down trodden, and even drugged through donation, but today donations are so low due to economic stress from government greed that even churches can no longer help very much. As for the gay and confused, who gives a shit what you want to call yourself and what genital you wish to hang out with. STOP telling everyone else they have to change too. It's called FREEDOM. The FREEDOM to NOT be gay, NOT to be confused, and NOT stand out in the crowd or in a parade with junk hanging in the wind for all to see. How about a little humility for a change. Cleese can say anything he wishes. It's a free country. But I just wish he had the intelligence to or desire to take an economics class and become an authority and NOT base his attacks on his comedic education. Cleese used to be funny. Now he's just a bitter old man with so many divorces and alimony payments he has to get an audience anywhere he can. GET A LIFE JOHN. TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK OF OUR CURRENT SOCIALISTIC GOVERNMENT, AN ECONOMY THAT HAS TANKED, INFLATION RUN-A-MUCK, and PEOPLE PAID TO STAY HOME TO RUIN AN INCREDIBLE COUNTRY. You live here—you say. How about HELPING instead of HURTING us even more. Why not GIVE the remaining wealth you have to the poor. I'm sure you don't need it anymore.

  2. You don't have to have an immense status value. Just being a guy several women in the room want to be with has them grabbing your hand and putting it forcefully between her legs. I've had this happen several times. It's almost like you can enter a room and guess accurately that it will be attempted by that one, that one and that one just by the way they drop what they're doing and look right at you. Especially if you are in the band. Even though it may have been unbecoming of Trump to say it I totally knew what he meant. ~Those are the women you would rather stay away from. Actually run. Once in a while one will reel you in but trust me, run.

  3. The funniest Dump take-down was when Obama ripped him a new one at the correspondent's dinner. And Dirty Donald had to just sit there and take it. The coward never attended another one.

  4. He is oddly quiet about the current sitting. Perhaps this aging fancy who enjoys American money so much might like to comment on our recently appointed ? Geriatric No of course not. Do us all a favor and go back to England and especially in the winter and eek a living there. Thank you

  5. Hey John….America is really great under Biden no? Really smart people in his administration. Did you see the evacuation? No….? Have a look. Seen what's happening at the border? No….? Investigate. Fawlty minds.

  6. This is a garbage leftist show and a garbage leftist site ; and is Not funny. The Fox News Channel is right : these people do not only hate Trump, they also hate us.

  7. And don't we just love the reigning crowd of lords and royalty who are so well suited to their positions because they were born as such. Yet, things just haven't been the same since we lost control over India in 1948, or the Aussies and the Canadians became fully independent and detached in the 80's. Things would be so much better if it weren't for that little bit of miscommunication in early July a few years back… Love the MP; shut up and make us laugh.

  8. and now we have Biden. Trump is and will remain the greatest president America has EVER elected and the re-election was obviously STOLEN by democrats. Stolen.

  9. Did Cleese have anything to say about Jimmy Saville? How about prince Andrew? Funny how they never talk about the actual monsters they rubbed shoulders with huh…

  10. Cleese couldnt say shite if he had a mouthful these days with the mess Biden has us in. Amazing how video has a way of biting people in the arse years later!

  11. Or as Monica Lewinsky said once " I was in the oval office with 4 other men and the President was the only one who noticed I was wearing bikini panties. "

  12. He never would of said if he knew he was being recorded? Wasn't it an interview? this just goes to show you exactly how Dumb Some Trump supporters really are.

  13. JOHN CLEESE FOR PRESIDENT OF THE U.S.A.! How much better would it be? MUCH! MUCH! MUCH! BETTER! Expel Donald J Trump from planet Earth…NOW!!

  14. Of course, Cleese has nothing to say today about when Biden digitally raped Tara Reade. That was just a little flirting gone overboard, right John? What a hypocrite leftist pandering "comics" are.

  15. Here we are 5 years later and America is falling apart at the seams under the "leadership" of the Biden admin. All because of everyone's fast jump to "Orange Man Bad". Congrats to all who went against the non career politician, you've shown nothing more than your ability to lick establishment boot.

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