Johny Deleted My Video! | Lessons in Meme Culture

On the August 27 my video masking the Johny Johny Sure Papa meme was deleted virtually immediately, when the creators of Johny Johny Sure Papa determined they didn’t prefer it.
The copyright strike system is ridiculous.
One thing wants to vary.

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Word: the counter notification was profitable and the unique video has been reinstated.


Johny Deleted My Video! | Lessons in Meme Culture

38 thoughts on “Johny Deleted My Video! | Lessons in Meme Culture”

  1. This is an issue I’ve seen so many times before. YouTube, like Facebook, is a private company that is publicly traded… meaning they can do whatever in the fresh hell they so desire.

    They are letting you, the creator, put YOUR content on THEIR platform. They play ADs on said videos/content to make profit and thusly compensates said creators for uploading their content.

    YouTube may be pushing and doing shitty things, but it’s their legal right to do so. If you are so concerned about this, make your own website and upload videos there. Free of corporate tomfuckery.

  2. I hear you bro but your anger/frustration is aimed at the wrong people.
    1. YouTube are duty bound by the DMCA to act on takedown notices as soon as possible otherwise they would risk losing their safe harbour status (which would mean that anyone who found content on YouTube that infringed on their copyright would be able to take YouTube straight to court – bypassing the whole DMCA takedown system). YouTube HAVE to act first and let other ask questions later, that's how the DMCA system works.
    2. YouTube's "DMCA lite" system HAS to be automated because of the scale of YouTube and the task at hand. Or to put it another way, YouTube simply don't have the resources to manually check every takedown notice as and when they receive them. They rely on people challenging takedown notices to know which cases to manually review.
    YouTube didn't draft the DMCA, the US government did. Blame them.

  3. A video that I made about BrightSide was copyright claimed by Studio71_2_1 and Frederator Allied Affiliate. Studio71_2_1 rejected my dispute and Frederator Allied Affiliate has not responded as of yet. I'm not sure how to go about this issue.

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