Jon Gruden is Being Cancelled Because of This Email…

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Jon Gruden is Being Cancelled Because of This Electronic mail…

40 thoughts on “Jon Gruden is Being Cancelled Because of This Email…”

  1. Eleven years is irrelevant. Racism is centuries old and lingers on. A racist then is a racist now. It's only no big deal when you know nothing about it or never face it. Since you confess your lack of knowledge on the history of racist tropes and black caricatures/stereotypes pick up "Brainwashed" by Tom Burrell. Or just Google Antebellum and or Jim Crow era black stereotypes. If you treat racist comments as no big deal, the next thing you know we might have police murdering black people as a matter of course and some people will say that's no big deal either. Oh wait, we do have police murdering black people like it's no big deal. And when Coling Kapernick tried to protest that big thing, what did we get? Oh, no big deal just play ball. Gruden's comments are just part of the continual dehumanization of black people that must stop. You think half the country voted for Trump cause he's cute or has leadership genius? No, he gives racists hope of continuing white supremacism. Right now you got white hate groups like the Proud Boys and Boogaloo gearing up for the elimination of black people. Other white militias are training to "take back the country," and you think punishing a blatantly racist statement like Gruden's isn't of paramount importance to this country right now? Yeah, "ignorant" was a good choice of words.

  2. Yes what he said was raciest and has been a raciest troupe used against African Americans for over a hundred years it has been well documented throughout America's history. This subject is not new do your homework before your next video.

  3. For people that don't think it's a big deal – it is. It's a big deal that a white man has used this kind of language semi-openly when he is in charge and the vast majority of his players are black. Gives me plantation vibes tbh.

    Also, you didn't even mention all of the other stuff he said about the national anthem, gay people, female refs… he's getting canceled for all of that stuff, not just for the Smith email.

    Edit: reading the comments I can tell everyone has no idea what else came out and prompted the resignation lmao he's not getting canceled just for the Smith email, it's literally for so many other things he has said. Do some light reading, y'all.

  4. Ummm at the risk of stating what, I'd expect a host of commenters have already said, it was seven years worth of emails, not just one email, with one poor choice of words. It was an avalanche of bigoted language. If someone shows you what kind of person they are .. believe them. Drug dealers offer the cliche "Those drugs aren't mine!" A cheating spouse caught naked in bed with their lover shouts the cliche "It's not what it looks like!" And most every bigot offers the cliche, "There's not a racist bone in my body," or "I can't be racist. Some of my best friends are black!" No spouse hears their naked partner in the arms of a naked person say "It's not what it looks like," and responds with "Phew! I'm glad it's not what it looks like. Don't let me interrupt. Carry on." Few believe the claim that the person using racial slurs doesn't have a racist bone in their body.

  5. If someone said: That whiteboy has a big nose.. Would people be fired and apologies have to be made? Its the new double standard..
    You cant be non white and a racist nowadays..
    Only whites can be labeled a racist..

  6. There’s a lot worse in the NFL than Gruden. That doesn’t excuse his behavior but if the National Felon League is going to clean up, the rosters would be depleted.

  7. Interesting points. I'm curious what x players and current feel or say as well. It definitely could be racist remarks but when there are different races at play its always funny in this country given the history..big lips have always been a stereotype in reference to black people..but does that make him a racist? 🤔

  8. It's always wise to wait until all the facts are in before making your comments. Now we know that it's way worse than most people thought. But the people who are ignorant will still make dumb assumptions!

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