Josh Allen or Patrick Mahomes – who will have the better performance? | KJM

Keyshawn, JWill and Max make their picks for which QB will have the better efficiency in the Kansas Metropolis Chiefs/Buffalo Payments sport and have a look at different Week 5 NFL matchups.

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Josh Allen or Patrick Mahomes – who will have the better efficiency? | KJM

39 thoughts on “Josh Allen or Patrick Mahomes – who will have the better performance? | KJM”

  1. This aged well, LOVE the doubters. Key is forever doubting and hating on the Bills.

    Listen to the way these 3 guys talk about Herbert and compare Herberts number to Allen's. This year numbers are really close but if you factor in rushing Allen leads many categories. If you compare Herbrmert this year to Allen last year ….Allen's numbers were substantially better. Yet Herbert gets all the gushing from Key and Allen gets he's good but…..

  2. It doesn’t matter to compare Allen to Mahomes. Both guys are top tier. The difference will be made on defense where you have 1st vs 32nd. Cmon. And it’s obvious “the chiefs are not the Texans and the Dolphins” you’re right offensively but all 3 teams are garbage defensively and Allen n Co. will cap on it.

  3. Stupid to compare numbers, Allen hasn’t played the 4th quarter in 3 consecutive games because the Bills have been up 30 plus. That said the Refs will assist the Chiefs like they always do, watch for all the non holding calls for KC while Buffalo will get screwed by several bad calls

  4. Bills will probably blow kc out 40 points. Yea kc offense is good and yea Miami, Houston and Washington aren’t good teams but just because they have bad offenses doesn’t mean they have bad defenses and buffalo picked those defenses apart easily so if kc defense is worst than those teams defenses I think chiefs have a big big problem

  5. This is my take on if the bills winning against the chiefs is an upset: If the bills beat down the chiefs then it’s an upset… the chiefs have been playing below their standard and this team is a team they NEED to know that they can still beat this isn’t just important to Buffalo, but if the bills just win and it’s not a big win then not an upset. How they win if they do matters to me.

  6. Keyshawn will look like a fool, comes Monday. Bills will dominate this game without a doubt. Fair more balanced team overall. I have 5k on the Bills winning this game.. 😘

  7. This might be the game where KC defense wakes up and plays up to their potential. Playoff seeding is in the line here if they both finish with similar records.

  8. It's clear to me that ESPN has NO consistent media affiliate in Buffalo. In fact most of these talking heads haven't been watching them play, including the Pittsburg game. Monday morning will be interesting.

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