Justice With Judge Jeanine 11/20/21 | FOX BREAKING TRUMP NEWS November 20, 2021

Justice With Judge Jeanine 11/20/21 | FOX BREAKING TRUMP NEWS November 20, 2021
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Justice With Judge Jeanine 11/20/21 | FOX BREAKING TRUMP NEWS November 20, 2021

31 thoughts on “Justice With Judge Jeanine 11/20/21 | FOX BREAKING TRUMP NEWS November 20, 2021”

  1. Fake it to you make it, humm? I wonder if we can afford this faking crap. with all the intended failures that the domestic enemy, the socialist/communist democratic party. See this party has ended it is no longer a party, they do not belong in the government of the U.S. they have betrayed their country, and they have become the number 1 problem of the U.S. they have become the enemy within, they have sold us out to the enemy, and they have let us see their actions and intentions, they have killed, abandoned, and they have left our own in the hands of the enemy, they have given trillions to the enemy in ramson, they have denied everything we know to be facts, that this country was never supposed to do, they have traded with the enemy in plain sight of the world, they have given them military assistance by way of leaving behind weapons and ammunitions, they have abandoned or given strategic military bases in the middle east, they have allowed the Chinese Gov. to have access to our military weapons, they have assisted the enemy. Now they are on a mission to destroy our economy and in a mission to change the country as to be served to the enemy in a silver plater, soon we will no longer be the number one world power. We have a failure of an administration and president, and VP. as well. they are now in a continuous motion to destroy the constitution our freedoms and our cultures. YET WE SIT HERE LISTENING TO THIS KIND OF CONFIRMATION? OF THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY'S AGENDA AND THEIR ACTION OF THEIR DOINGS AND THEIR NEXT THING TO PUT IN THE NEXT BILLS THAT NO ONE BUT THEM ARE ABLE TO KNOW WHAT'S IN IT TO RAPIDLY TAKE OVER OUR COUNTRY WITHOUT LETTING US KNOW WHAT WAS IT THAT WAS BEING SINGED THAT AT THE MOMENT WE TRY TO DO SOMETHING TO STOP THEM THEY WILL COME OUT WITH. WELL, YOU CAN'T DO THAT BECAUSE WE SIGNED IT AS PART OF A BILL THE PEOPLE AND THE REPUBLICANS DIDN'T KNOW BECAUSE THEY HAD NO TIME TO READ IT, AND ALL OF IT WAS PART OF THEIR PLANS. WHAT IF WHAT WAS IN THE BILL WAS AN AGREEMENT FOR THE PEOPLE TO GIVE UP ALL OUR POWER THAT THE CONSTITUTION HAS GIVEN US, HUM? BUT YOU SEE, ALL THE WORKINGS OF THESE PEOPLE ARE SOMEHOW BEING OBSCURED AND BY THE HELP OF THE OPPOSING PARTY BY WAY OF IGNORANCE AND FAKING IT TO THEY MAKE IT? BUT WE THE PEOPLE AS STUBBORN AS WE ARE, TO SEE THE TRUTHS IN OUR FACES WE THE PEOPLE MUST ALSO BEAR BLAME FOR WHAT ITS TAKING PLACE NOW, BECAUSE WE ARE STILL SITTING ON OUR ASSES, AND HAVE NOT DEMANDED ANYTHING FROM THEM AT ALL THAT WOULD MAKE ANY KIND OF SENSE OR THAT CAN ACTUALLY CHANGE OR STOP THEN IN THEIR TRACKS. OOOO, but the publicity we want sometimes gets in the way of things WE THE PEOPLE MUST BEGIN TO USE OUR RIGHTS WITHOUT FEAR AND WE MUST DO WHAT IT TAKES TO KEEP THE FREEDOMS WE HAVE NOW BECAUSE ONCE WE lose THEM IT WILL TAKE CENTURIES TO GET IT BACK, This is why we are sons and daughters have sacrificed all thous years ago in wars and in revolutions and in invasions and much more, other horrific things we did to others to have what we have now something that we turned into a beautiful country we made this country what it is and now the enemy has taken by way of infiltration into the democratic party as we call that domestic enemy still no one wants to admit it to confirm it that this are the ones who because of greed and power let lose a fatal virus to take down the best president we have ever had? wow and still we are sitting in our asses letting them take over our country and still no one can tell me am wrong, no one want to stop them? wow, then if no one who has read this can say we need to do something to stop them from stealing our country's culture our way of life? wow, what have we turned into? cowards? or what?….

  2. Clickbait. The description and preview photo suggestions trump but it's all Rittenhouse coverage yet nothing suggests that's what the video is about. I can't believe there are still ppl that do this

  3. Biden is committing fraud with all these price increases knowing the tax rate is applied to the same items times the price increase. For example a toy that costed 10 dollars that is now 20 dollars will bring in TWICE the tax income! Gasoline is the LARGEST example of this right now. Those immigrants that receive that 450K at 40% tax rate will payback in tax income to federal government 180K. The government is pulling a Ponzi scheme here!

  4. Why does FOX everyday show President Trump when speakingabout killers and murderers ? Stop using Trump's image to sell your news. It is defamation to use Trump as a cheap Thumbnail everyday since he was illegally ousted bycrooked Democrats. tms poet Ohio

  5. 100% guaranteed every single one of the rinos that stabbed the American people in the back will be primeried and hopefully replaced with America first conservatives

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