Kellyanne Conway fires back after Biden administration asks her to resign

The Biden administration informed a number of ex-Trump officers to resign from navy advisory boards, together with Kellyanne Conway.

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Kellyanne Conway fires back after Biden administration asks her to resign

23 thoughts on “Kellyanne Conway fires back after Biden administration asks her to resign”

  1. Why have these people not been fired already?! Why has Dejoy not been relieved of his duties at USPS!? Why not has all the orange-faced monster sycophants and henchmen in the department of Justice not been relieved of their duties and fired!
    The Biden administration needs to get on with it NOW!
    Why has the department of Justice not charged Donald Trump with sedition treason inciting an insurrection obstruction of justice income tax fraud bank fraud and wire fraud!!!!!??

  2. The young, female vet was not able to answer any of the questions asked her directly. She was able to talk a blue stream and get around the questions. OUT on that observation.

  3. Hypocrites all of them it was ok for Trump to fire anyone he wanted but now President Biden doesn't have the same power to do so? What's wrong with these people???

  4. Very Persuasive
    Because its True, Tiring but True. Stop Crying.
    Queen Makayla, what up Queen. And you Ambidextrous, more of you Left Hand than Right. I'm Right Handed but Work Magic with my left too. My Dark Rarity with the Long Legs. Be Happy Pretty Lady its our Birth Day. Real Talk No Lie.
    -Feeling like Queen Makedah

  5. He has the right to do this! She's not above the President! President Biden should go ahead and fire her! She can say what she wants! She has been a bad person anyway!

  6. "I'm not resigning but you should"… Really??? Please get rid of all these REALIRY STAR wanna BE's!!! They wish they could be called POLITICAL FIGURES instead of trumps minions!!

  7. Why hasn't these officials been fired like he claimed he was going to do if they refuse to resign!
    He needs to fire them now not only to make an example of them but prove his threat that they would be fired if they wouldn't resign! Fire these orange-faced monster sycophants now! He needs to clean out the doj the FBI the CIA in the department of Homeland security of all the orange faced monster sycophants that are hiding in those institutions, which is about 50%! Until this is done we're going to have a bunch of problems because they don't take domestic terrorism and the lies and the conspiracy theories seriously! That's why they have proliferated to the point where it's going to cause the civil war!

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