Kevin McCarthy Says He Won't Provide House Committee Evidence/Information about Trump's 1/6 Conduct

Greater than 350 people have already cooperated with the House choose committee’s investigation of the January 6 assault on our democracy. Nonetheless, there are a couple of people who’ve refused to cooperate, opting as an alternative to cover from the committee all proof they’ve about Donald Trump’s potential duty for the assault on the US Capitol.

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The people who’ve refused to offer proof and data to the House committee embrace Steve Bannon, Mark Meadows, Scott Perry, Jim Jordan, and now, Kevin McCarthy. Apparently studying nothing from the lesson of the Watergate scandal, these 5 people have opted to be members of “The Cowl-Up Membership.” And as most of us realized from Watergate, if the crime do not get you, the cover-up will.

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Kevin McCarthy Says He Won't Provide House Committee Evidence/Information about Trump's 1/6 Conduct

42 thoughts on “Kevin McCarthy Says He Won't Provide House Committee Evidence/Information about Trump's 1/6 Conduct”

  1. How were these people allowed to lead the country, when they do nothing but lie. There must be consequences for their actions, otherwise, what happens to the ordinary man when they are proved to be lying.

  2. He has cooperated, refusing to answer questions by the Jan 6th committee is a solid admission of guilt and that he was a member of the organising inner circle along with criminal in chief Trump 🤔😮

  3. McCarthy is another culprit likely to serve time for contempt of Congress, f the DOJ acts, which reminds me, how is the Mark Meadows watch going Glenn? It's been a month already. Wouldn't think the DOJ would already have down the groundwork on these guys, instead of compiling their case after its been referred by the 1/6 committee?

  4. I can understand the impatience of those who would wish the law were moving faster. My own belief, however, is that by moving like a tide is better than moving like an avalanche. The hope is, of course, that holding out until after the mid-terms, and a GOP win, all this can be disappeared.
    The fact is that the more this continues to be news through the coming months can only damage the chances of this happening for McCarthy et al. He and Jordan have right now the opportunity to say their piece and be done. November is still far enough away to have things quieten down. Being before the Committee in September will be bad optics during campaigning. Tee hee!

  5. They all should be charged with sedition and treason. McCarty seems immature. He looks so professional but talks like a part of the mob. So many of Republicans act unhinged. Like we are kids and they are so clever to steal power without punishment. It's like a bad dream.

  6. Wasn’t this country ravaged by someone else by the name of McCarthy once before !? This McCarthy is gambling that the GOP ends up in the majority so they can shut down the Jan 6 committee. Doesn’t McCarthy Et Al. realize that if they don’t talk that they are allowing someone else to control their narrative? That’s just bad politics. McCarthy really is as dumb as he comes across.

  7. Well Glen even as an Aussie I’m freaking out that the Democrats won’t hold the senate or the house in the mid terms. If that happens will that be the end of the committee?? God I hope not as these scumbags definitely need to be held accountable. It would be criminal if trump does not end up in goal.

  8. McAs*hole is running scared – he was part of this inside job – along with all the other delinquents you mentioned. The prospects that Pelosi rejected, were rejected because they are up for questioning. Thanks, Glenn for your reporting.

  9. Hi Glenn do you have an opinion about the GROWING realisation that a coordinated effort has been found out that, at the moment 5 states, tried to pass a fraudulent document certifying that TRUMP won in their states and send it to the Senate! HELLO???
    Watching from across the pond and GOB-SMACKED! 🇬🇧

  10. He doesn’t have a chance with that defense. Every excuse has no standing and he’s just proven beyond any doubt that it’s imperative for them to talk to him.

  11. As a citizen of United State all of the GOP should be subpoenaed so the committee can question them to see who was involved. The behavior the GOP showed was disgusting…they should be hold accountable. The 147 GOP that voted to overturned the elections should be question. It is a shame what they did to the country. They all should be impeach they are not fit to be a GOP they did not listen to the people.

  12. Thank you Glenn, for critiquing the ever bombastic, duplicitous, disingenuous and deceptive leader McCarthy’s speech. I cringe every time he opens his mouth to promulgate the lies about his involvement in the events surrounding Jan 6. It is good to hear a succinct rebuttal. Our government will be better without him and his fellow Trump sycophants.

  13. Glenn, America is very fortunate to have you on our side, the guys and gals wearing the white hats and your Team Justice patrons. You untangle the legal side of the GOP, Trump, and all of their legal shenanigans, along with their ongoing attempt to overthrow our government and kill our democracy.

    Thank you on behalf of the real American patriots… because justice matters.

  14. What the flip is the matter with Merrick Garland? Why is he protecting criminal Senators and Reps? Obvious crimes have been committed, but the DOJ refuses to back the 1/6 Committee by prosecuting people like Meadows (who blatently broke the law by ignoring a subpoena). OF COURSE others like McCarthy will refuse to cooperate—why should they help when not helping carries no punishment?

  15. It's insane, kev and others, are blatantly lying to try to save their ass no matter how stupid their reasoning is. It's blatant, but I guess a take away is, if someone just sticks to a lie, it makes it a pain in the ass for everyone else.

  16. Why would they cooperate? Non-cooperation worked out just fine for the Trump impeachment trials. And when the GOP takes back congress, by whatever means necessary, all the J6 and Trump investigations will end, replaced by new investigations, trials, and hangings of those who sought justice. Of course their first order of business will be to make Donald J Trump the speaker of the house just in time for the impeachment, removal and hanging of Biden and Harris, restoring Trump to power. The coup is not over, it's only just begun.Time is of the essence, here. It's literally do or die.

  17. Hand back America to the custodians and rightful owners of the country, at least the Indians cherished the ground they walked on and didn't take anything for granted!

  18. There should be a monument erected to Trump and his henchmen so that Americans can always remember the names of Republicans who tried to destroy America. I'd donate to such a monument so that their names will go down in history with Benedict Arnold and Aaron Burr.

  19. It is so EASY to prove that Kevin McCarthy is a liar if he were under oath. Truth cannot contradict itself:

    A week after the insurrection McCarthy proclaims:

    " The president bears responsibility for Wednesday's attack on Congress by mob rioters. He should have IMMEDIATELY denounced the mob when he SAW what was unfolding. These FACTS require immediate action for President Trump….."

    Compare it to his statement on Fox News to Chris Wallace in April 2021:

    "….I was the first person to contact President Trump when the riots were going on, he DIDN'T see it. What(sic) he ended the call was saying, telling me he'll put something out make sure to stop this…."

    The second statement is obviouslythe lie between the two, based on one McCarthy, himself, prounounces that his first statement is about FACTS. Also, why would he, a known spineless Trump sycophant, accuse Trump of being responsible for the attack, which if McCarthy's statement to Chris Wallace is true, then Trump cannot be held responsible for something that he was apparently unaware of? Dumb Kevin!

    Sadly, though the fact that the GOP still receives substantial support from the people of the country is an extremely poor reflection on the morals of American society as a whole……….blatant lies are condoned and accepted as a norm. America has no right to lay claim to being the greatest nation on earth when it is not even led by morality and integrity.

  20. Hard to believe this is America! Elected officials that refuse to testify for the good of our nation is beyond despicable! When Glenn said "cover up club" and that they always get caught I loved it!! Let the catching begin because justice matters!!

  21. Inherent Contempt of Congress! LOCK them ALL UP! They all act like petulant, little boys being little snots because they were caught cheating at Monopoly.

    Accountability, and consequences, NOW! ⚖️

  22. Regular people go to jail if they don't answer subpoenas. Rich and powerful and Republicans are clearly above the law. They are backed by judges and even the Supreme Court.

  23. Well put analysis of Congressman Kevin McCarthys written statements in support of his refusal to provide relevant information about January 6 insurrection to Congressional Select Committee investiging January 6 insurrection, Glenn kirschner. Good job.

  24. Won't cooperate because he's complicit in the planning of the insurrection. America needs to wake up to these people who think they can side step due legal process.

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