Kobe Bryant On 'Em (Air Jordan Remix)- Sho Baraka

From “Barakology” mixtape. One other unofficial remix of k-Drama’s “Air Jordan”

Kobe Bryant On 'Em (Air Jordan Remix)- Sho Baraka

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8 thoughts on “Kobe Bryant On 'Em (Air Jordan Remix)- Sho Baraka”

  1. Have known and loved this song for a long time. Shared it with my boys and they have it on their MP3 playlist. Was not a Kobe Bryant fan per se because I grew up hating the Lakers LOL but I always had much respect for Kobe. Maybe you will get some recognition for the song like you deserve now SHO. I hope and pray Kobe and his daughter and the rest on that flight new Jesus as their Savior. Rest in peace

  2. I be runnin away from the big 3, I Derek Fisher on em,
    They be mad cause I am blessed with God's grace, I Jesus Christ on em
    So I know I have the Lord on my side, I disciple on em,
    I open up my Bible like its a love letter, I Shakespeare on em.

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