Kyle Brandt on chances Jimmy G lead 49ers will Super Bowl win Super Bowwl this season

Kyle Brandt on chances Jimmy G lead 49ers will Super Bowl win Super Bowwl this season

Kyle Brandt on chances Jimmy G lead 49ers will Super Bowl win Super Bowwl this season

35 thoughts on “Kyle Brandt on chances Jimmy G lead 49ers will Super Bowl win Super Bowwl this season”

  1. Any team will look good with the schedule the cowboys had. They killed the eagles and now there the big bad cowboys lol. Like the Rams we’re a walk in the parks . Keep sleeping on the Niners .

  2. If we’re going by the win stat jimmy is 12-10 last 2 years with one of the most talented rosters in the NFL. Niners are sabotaging all the young talent they have if they keep this guy

  3. People here act like the only reason the Niners lost their games were because of Jimmy. Not like our weak secondary let Aaron come back, or drew all the DPIs while facing Wentz, or special teams being caught with their head down against the Seahawks, or all the fumbles that happened against Arizona. Jimmy is a good QB and has done plenty to stay a Niner next year, especially of we make a deep run in the playoffs.

  4. If the 49ers magically make it to the super bowl Jimmy won't be back. The 1st half of the season was a disaster because Shanahan tried relying on Jimmy to carry the team. The season turned around when they started to rely on the run game. Jimmy is gone, Trey is already as good if not better, Shanahan is only starting Jimmy now because he's more familiar with his tendencies which makes play calling more efficient. This is his last year no matter what.

  5. We don’t want Jimmy to stay because we need someone like Tom Brady that could’ve been with us if we have gotten rid of Jimmy. Or we could’ve had Rogers but no Kyle likes his big fcking ego. Either way he won’t be back next season. Maybe we will get some good trades for him. We desperately need help in the secondary

  6. Just take it to the 1980 with bill wash 5 10 yard passes and the 9ers will control the ⏰ time of possession and with the run game that then there d playing great that is how the team will win just hit them and hit them hard from every angle… Hit them hard on offense and make the the d of the 🐄 👦 s fill like a little league team …the d on the 9ers just need to run the offense of the 🐄 👦 over like a train plowing through a 🚛 stuck on there tracks ……

  7. I remember living in Boston and so many talking heads saying that Brady was just a systems QB riding the the Bellicheck train, even after more than one SB ring. I guess Jimmy is not going to get respect from writers and talking heads outside of SF either. It's OK. Wins are the best revenge

  8. Man people really hate on jimmy g . He went to a Super Bowl has beaten some elite teams with elite qbs . And was also literally 1 throw away from winning a Super Bowl against a QB who people admire and they still can’t trust him because he turns the ball over? That’s just hating at this point 🤦🏽‍♂️

  9. Cowboys can't stop the Niner run game. It has to carry the team. Also, have to put pressure on Prescott. If he has a good game the Niners are sunk. Turnovers will decide the game.

  10. Slow your roll. The Niners were 10-7. If they were as good as these professional smoke-blowers say, then they would have been a lot more successful than 10-7. Jimmy G can not win a shootout with Dak. If it comes down to a shootout the Niners are toast. Remember: the Niners had so much confidence in Jimmy that they swung a big trade to draft a quarterback.

  11. Jimmy G will turn back into Jimmy G Sunday. Rams have had an overrated defense most of the year – people just looking at the names and making it more than what it is. Stafford also helped give the game away.

  12. The Niners were not even supposed to be in the playoffs, we gonna get our ass woop if not by the Boys ,it will be in the following round if we make it there.

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