Kyle Brandt shocked by Chargers’ season ends in 35-32 OT loss to Raiders, Las Vegas make playoffs

Kyle Brandt shocked by Chargers’ season ends in 35-32 OT loss to Raiders, Las Vegas make playoffs

Kyle Brandt shocked by Chargers’ season ends in 35-32 OT loss to Raiders, Las Vegas make playoffs

21 thoughts on “Kyle Brandt shocked by Chargers’ season ends in 35-32 OT loss to Raiders, Las Vegas make playoffs”

  1. Coach Staley didnt want none of that tacit tie pact at the end…but of course hes not gonna say it cause it points fingers at his honorable competition, and takes the blame claiming he neeeded his no. 1 run defense on the field…

  2. This theory that the Raiders were going to sit on the ball is BS. There were FOUR seconds on the play clock with 38 seconds left in the game. Mountains out of molehills.

  3. staley needs to go for sure he has no system his analytics have 0 merit and not going in regulation proves he does not even believe in his system …then compound the timeout if he played for the tie kicking to tie in reg made sense but he called the timeout ,he decided to play for the win but he clamed up in regulation and didnt play for the win ….horrible

  4. why is anyone talking about overtime? this gam had to be decided in regulation ,if stale has a system that tells him to go for it on you own 18 and then not go for the win in regulation??? a system says go for 2 down 9 but not to win in regulation…fire him

  5. ITS like missing the playoffs with a prime Dan Marino, Patrick Mahomes, 95 Bret Favre . the Raiders were running out the clock to get the tie. that coach is a genius. hes lucky he has a stud qb for next season.

  6. Raiders motives were either they didn't want to face KC in the first round or they wanted the Chargers out so they wouldn't need to face them a 3rd time. A blocked kick return was still a possibility. The safe thing would be to take a knee. Very interesting game.

  7. Chargers blew it by going for it on 4th down on their own 18. Not only did they attempt it, which was stupid, but they also tried running the ball, something they hadn't done well all night. RPO with Herbert would've been the better call.

  8. The 4 and 1 on the 18 was the real bad play from Staley the dumb flags the chargers were causing didn’t help becauses that pass interference in the damn end zone how do you do that but whatever ok to next season

  9. “anyone chasing worldly things, trust me ive been waiting and praying for some things, you know i want to make the playoffs i want to try you know?” i love Carr

  10. Timeout had zippy to do with the outcome. People keep saying all the Raiders had to do was kneel. Never saw a kneel in a shotgun formation. They we're running to run the clock out and pick up a few more yards. And in my opinion, they we're going to try to kick the 55ish yard fg for the win regardless. One thing nobody has talked about. If the Chargers stop them on third and four, by taking the time-out and leaving some time on the clock, the Raiders are less likely to try and possibly miss a long FG. Would the Raiders really want to give the Chargers the ball on the 40ish with 3oish seconds left after Hebert carved them up in the fourth quarter? Doubt it.

  11. Let me make this absolutely 100% clear: The Raiders were NEVER going to kneel out a potentially game winning FG attempt by our MVP kicker Daniel Carlson, who deserved that. Carr wouldn't have taken a knee if it were ordered by John Madden, Jon Gruden, Al Davis & Ken Stabler themselves, which they never would. REAL Raider Nation would never suggest anything but a win vs our eternal rivals The SAN DIEGO Chargers, or wherever the f*ck they wanna play. Real Raider fans, and SMART, CONCIOUS football fans, were fully aware of this. Do NOT let the MEDIA's mindgames influence you TOO. You have been played enough already. Grow up & take responsibility for your own logic & thoughts.

  12. Brandon Stanley needs a time machine for that timeout.
    Raiders already decided if it’s a tie then tie let’s go to the playoffs.
    After that time out Raiders said fuck it….
    You don’t want to be in the playoffs then…

    Dumb ass timeout

  13. Raiders went to the field with a winning mindset. They didn't care whether the Chargers made the playoffs, they wanted that win. As simple as they win, they go to Cincinnati, they tie, they go to Kansas. Obviously you take a trip to Cincinnati.

  14. The Raiders did have a massive incentive not to let the game end in a tie. They would have had to play KC in Arrowhead, which now the Steelers have to do. Also I’m sure anyone would rather run into the Steelers later on than the Chargers again.

  15. Raiders did everybody in the playoffs a huge favor not settling for a tie b/c they all don't need to face Herbie anymore. But the kid will be back. He's gona be contending in the AFC for a LONG time

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