Kyle Rittenhouse BREAKS The Internet By Posing With Donald Trump! The Meltdown Is Hilarious!

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Kyle Rittenhouse BREAKS The Internet By Posing With Donald Trump! The Meltdown Is Hilarious!

39 thoughts on “Kyle Rittenhouse BREAKS The Internet By Posing With Donald Trump! The Meltdown Is Hilarious!”

  1. Not sure it’s a great idea for Kyle to be dipping his toes into partisan politics. He still could be facing civil action and there are still people with severe TDS. I obviously see no problem with him meeting with a former President, but I’m not a lunatic.

  2. The comment I love the most is "Not only is he correct in supporting Kyle but he also knows that taking a picture with him will take a little bit of heat off Kyle for a bit." I would love if this was true. For anyone to kind of take at least a little bit attention and focus away from Kyle. Perhaps it can be argued that a pic with Trump would bring even more attention, but I just hope there are people left on the public stage who would be willing to help without so much motive that has so far been demonstrated on both sides.

  3. The things is between these two gentlemen they are victims of circumstance, vitriol, games, narratives, and many many miscarriages of justice placed upon them. One was prevented running a country, and one was clearly a political target. My hat goes off for both these two fine and upstanding gentlemen. And boy howdy am I loving the flow of salt and tears from the cabal of Reeeeeeee!!!.

  4. "praising the presidents support", trump aint president atm (probably should be * cough * tampered votes * cough *) so why are they calling him president and not former? are they somehow hoping people read it and assume they meant biden support? or are they just stupid?

  5. Even if Kyle was a liberal, Trump was the one who supported him after seeing the videos. But biden knew nothing about the case and called him bad names. So Kyle meeting Trump makes wayyyy more sense and I'm lovin it lol

  6. Kyle needs to stay quiet for a while as his libel cases move forward, he actually said that the Proud Boys are White Supremacists. So be careful with his circle.

  7. Kyle Rittenhouse is objectively a hero. He went to Kenosha to provide medical help and tried to stop violent rioters from pillaging the town. He defended himself from convicted pedrofiles who tried to game-end him. Saying otherwise is objectively false.

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