Kyle Shanahan adamant that "Nothing's changed" with 49ers' QB situation after Week 5 | NBC Sports BA

After Trey Lance performed pretty nicely versus the Cardinals within the 49ers 17-10 loss, Kyle Shanahan was adamant that nothing has modified with the 49ers beginning QB situation as he nonetheless plans to present the ball again to Jimmy Garoppolo at any time when he is capable of return wholesome. He additionally took accountability for the 49ers third straight loss as he hopes his workforce can discover a solution to get again on observe this season. 49ers Postgame Dwell responded to Shanahan’s feedback and broke down the 49ers sturdy defensive effort versus a really proficient Kyler Murray and the complete Cardinals offense.

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Kyle Shanahan adamant that ‘Nothing’s modified’ with 49ers’ QB situation after Week 5 | NBC Sports BA

Kyle Shanahan adamant that "Nothing's modified" with 49ers' QB situation after Week 5 | NBC Sports BA(*5*)

37 thoughts on “Kyle Shanahan adamant that "Nothing's changed" with 49ers' QB situation after Week 5 | NBC Sports BA”

  1. I can't believe after watching Trey play the last 2 games, anyone would think he's better than Jimmy. He needs time still. He's lost out there. He hasn't played real football in a long long time. And his college division was weak as fuck. Rushing him into being a starter will ruin him

  2. Of course he does because Jimmy can play the position stand in the pocket and deliver a freakin pass that receivers can catch. Lance is a bust, all he can do is run and scramble and puts OL in holding positions. Horrible performance.

  3. The kids got a bright future let me tell you that. In a couple years he's gonna look back at this as a turning point in his career. I see him holding the 🏆

  4. Shanny is an idiot at this point I was a fan of him but he straight up tripping get over jimmy bro you gave up Brady for that bum that was a mistake this is a mistake even more trust a player that’s gone for what as a favor move on bro at this point I would trade fire let go all who is against Trey and him not playing

  5. Watching Trey at the game today was not impressive for the amount of picks we gave up to get him, reminds me of Kaepernick. Jimmy should be the starter if we want to win games

  6. Shany an idiot always wanting it his way. He isnt a QB coach he is a scheme guy like his Pops. Trey is better than Garopollo just needs to get the feel of it grasp the speed of things. Jimmy is one dimensional and Shany is starting to be too! Trey is the only wild card Niners have right now and he is struggling bc of Shany and partly Kittle! 💯

  7. I'm tired of the injury riddled seasons. I'm tired of the Offensive Guru talk. Where is it? It's been 5 years. Don't give me the "We went to the Super Bowl" crap. The defense played out of their minds that year and the running game was working. You can't win games routinely doing dump plays and screens. Something has to change.

  8. He's a rookie, and he plays like a rookie. There are 12 games left, if Trey starts we are throwing in the towel on the rest of the season. I'm not ready for that. He needs time to learn. He has A Lot to learn. That was obvious today.

  9. At this point, let’s call it like it is: Shanahan is not a genius play caller and Jimmy is not a top 25 QB in the NFL. Shanahan needs to let Trey start, maybe grab a wildcard spot, and come back next season more seasoned. Starting Jimmy the rest of the season will cost Shanahan his job next season.

  10. Thinking about the game it sucks we lost but we went to AZ with an injury riddled team and still had a chance to win. Good job by the players and coaches

  11. Kyle knows this is his final season with SF if they have another losing season and that jimmy is his best chance at winning. Who cares if garoppolo gets hurt, they’re both gone next year anyways

  12. Putting jimmy against the bears and lions won’t show anything because those are games we can win with or without him , it’s those divisional games and packers and bucs type of teams where he’s always the worst qb and can’t to do anything against the top defenses and limits the offense and top defenses shut him down without even trying , he would of forsure got sacked atleast 5+ times if he would of played today maybe one or two fumbles , I’ll say season is over if we play jimmy he ain’t getting better game by game defenses know how to shut him down , he winning no play off or Super Bowl or even divisional games not saying trey is but he will get better and better and at this point we need that for next year

  13. Can’t believe Niner fans still think Jimmy’s the guy. Lance is far from perfect but he’s a star in the making. Anyone who can’t see that is delusional. Kyle needs to get his head out of his ass and make the move and ride it out.

  14. Can we just fire Kyle already he has such terrible play calling for a so called genius. If he goes back to terrible ass garoppolo after this game that’s just horrible. Trey just does so much more and has so much room to grow with experience.

  15. I know what Whitner is saying but I couldn't get mad at the defense they done there job all game long today. The offense fail to capitalize on multiple opportunities the defense gave them.

  16. Told y’all the game is rigged 😂
    The Refs had Arizona winning the game before it even started 😂😂😂
    Look at all those bs penalties and not a single holding penalty on Arizona 😂 Wonder why bosa and Armstead sucks? Lmao

  17. I don’t think he necessarily say that Trey is the starter right after the game, but I’d like to hear him say something like “Trey played well, we will look at both QBs during the bye, see if Jimmy’s healthy, and go from there”

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