Kyle Shanahan and 49ers Players Recap Week 5 vs. Cardinals

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Hear from head coach Kyle Shanahan and different members of the 49ers as they communicate to the media following the workforce’s Week 5 divisional matchup at State Farm Stadium.

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Kyle Shanahan and 49ers Players Recap Week 5 vs. Cardinals(*5*)

38 thoughts on “Kyle Shanahan and 49ers Players Recap Week 5 vs. Cardinals”

  1. Obviously Shanascam Sabatoged Trey Lance for whatever reason but F em Trey is a Baller I feel he can overcome the bull shiz and eventually win games despite the coach trying to screw em over

  2. I've seen High School offenses more creative than that garbage Shanahan dialed up yesterday. A winnable game and poor coaching yet again cost us. Think about this….If Brian Daboll was developing Jimmy G or Trey Lance and called the game yesterday, what do you think would have happened? Wrap up the W that's what. I'm sick of it. We will have yet another losing season under the "Great Offensive Genius" but this time he wont be able to blame injuries. And BTW over 50% of our draft picks are busts!!

  3. Good grief did yall forget the past? Tomsula, Kelly, Singletary, nolan, dennis Ericson?!?!??! Shanny can WIN be patient let the rook develop look at Justin Herbert now had a terrible year ly chargers one of thes in the afc now let it ride fans well get there. We have ALL the talent season still young quit listening to cohn zone this dude was 6 yrs old when young last won the super bowl.

  4. The 49ers are obviously playing now for a wildcard spot and they need to realize it. Think they’re three games out of first with divisional losses so it’s worse than that. I think 11 games will be necessary this year so that would mean 9-3 is the min from here on out. In reality the odds are less than 50-50 probably now. It’s just too bad that Jimmy can’t stay healthy because I had the 49ers winning at least 12 if he started the whole season.

  5. Disrespectful! Kyle just tried to pull of an RG4. We seen this movie already. I never believed the Mac Jones conspiracy until today. I understand not getting the qb that you want but can Kyle get over that and have some R.E.S.P.E.C.T. for Trey, the organization, the team and the fan base. At least act like you're trying to put him in the best position to win, like you did Jimmy when he was new. Nevertheless, Trey looked good in spite of the situation he was thrown in. I gained a lot of respect for Trey today. He made the best out of the opportunity against an opponent that Jimmy G wanted no part of.

  6. Nobody on earth could blame this game on Trey Lance we all knew he's not ready. This game is all in Kyle. He didn't even get out coach he just coach badly! We should have punted the ball in the 4th make Arizona go 90 yards instead of 40. SMH awful playing coaching

  7. why some of you seem to expect things to be perfect with this team as it is crazy , 3 of the main offence are rookies , still learning , so there will be a lot of mistakes made , it takes time to get that "click " , personally i think that if Trey Lance stays in you wont get all wins , calm down and be patient , remember we supposed to be Faithful and that means whatever happens.

  8. Trey Lance has major potential but Kyle needs to do a way better job developing him as a NFL quarterback. And why did we have trey pass 30 times and only had Mitchell run what? 9 times? And he averaged like 5 yards a carry. Mitchell was gettin thru them holes.. why not run the ball more?? And all them times we went for it on 4th down.. seriously??? Wtf was that

  9. To many keyboard coaches here think their better then Kyle… look at the context folks we got injured players and a freakin rookie leading the team… what do you think was gonna happen… ya’ll wanted Trey to play but didnt expect growing pains wtf. Look at the positives there were many.

  10. How many EXTRA STRENGTH TYLENOL Jed Yorks took after the game vs Arizona……?
    **The OVER and UNDER is 10
    **The MONEY LINE is 27 MILLION$
    **The SPREAD is TWO YEARS and TWO 1st rd

  11. Defense was impressive and they kept the 9ers in the game. Lance will improve quickly no doubt. Kyle is the best play caller in the league. Those of you criticizing Kyle may have not been here for the Steve Mariucci era and the dark years that followed. We all complained about him non stop. However, he was a damn good coach. We complained about his conservative play calling until he was fired – even though the 9ers were in the NFC championship game 4 out of 6 years under Coach Mooch. Then began the dark era of the coaching carousel that lasted almost a decade. Kyle Shannon is a genius as a play caller. We always have a chance to win under his leadership. So as fans, enjoy it while you can. We are lucky to have him and don't forget it. Because if he leaves you will miss him dearly.

  12. Trey is a qb that can run if he needs too. get it. only use designed runs in special situations otherwise they wont work when you need them. do i really need to say that. and if you havent got the memo yet – the snap to the runnuing back on 4th and 1 hasnt worked in like 4 years. when you run misdirection plays thats when your offense shines – why? because it fools the D and gives you a step or 2 advantage. Duh. which tends to be that 5-8 yard play or you might hit a 15-25 yarder. bottom line is we have to score points to win and if you have line man that cant block without holding try someone else. or work their asses off until they get it right

  13. This guy is a disaster. Traded away the future for this bust rookie quarterback. Passed on Tom Brady for this? Are you fucking kidding me? Bring in Mike Holmgren NOW..It's like the biggest NO-BRAINER in history…

  14. The beggining of the end of Kyle Shanahan's era started the last year on week 5 . Now on week 5 it is a confirmation. The question is is this the last year or the end will be in a couple of years?

  15. Horrible play calling. You are in the position your in keeping injury prone Garopolo instead of trading him off. Now your stuck and your season will be a 8 and 9. Last place in nfc west after 17 games.

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