Kyle Shanahan Assesses His Performance in the 49ers’ 17-10 Loss to the Arizona Cardinals

Grant Cohn movies Kyle Shanahan assessing his efficiency in the San Francisco 49ers’ 17-10 loss to the Arizona Cardinals.

Kyle Shanahan Assesses His Performance in the 49ers’ 17-10 Loss to the Arizona Cardinals

25 thoughts on “Kyle Shanahan Assesses His Performance in the 49ers’ 17-10 Loss to the Arizona Cardinals”

  1. The worst answer among many really bad answers was about Trey not sliding. Wow. Kyle wants to end Trey's career apparently. He needed to say Trey needs to slide.

  2. Kyle you have to put players in better positions!!! Look into the mirror and admit faults… silver spoons raised is reeking from your demeanor..adjust with the times it's ok to change for the good.. I knew that you being a wheezy fan was suspect smh.. team dmx an pac…peace.

  3. IMO i think Kyle should let go of run of the offense and hire somebody to run it. I feel like he has too much on his plate and it’s showing maybe giving the responsibility to someone else might help he can still give input that’s just my opinion a lot of sketchy calls the past 3 games

  4. I love that Grant ask Kyle Real questions that makes him uncomfortable because Kyle needs to be questioned about his decisions be such and offisive guru and all💯

  5. We got the number one receiver in the nfl…. Debo ….. he didn’t even get 100 yards…… what kind of shit is this….. very disappointed loss again…. Kyle is very much in the hot seat……

  6. Kyle is treating trey like another RB. Let the man throw. He’s got some seriously questionable play calls. Starting to think he might be the problem.

  7. It would be extremely funny if 49ers win super bowl this season . Chiefs are 2-3. I understand 49ers probably not winning anything but rereading these comments in February if they win will be a riot. Remember the wild card giants beat undefeated patriots in super bowl? Just need to get hot at the right moment. Any given Sunday . Anyone see a truly dominant team this season? Arizona allegedly the best team and we had this game without kittle, Mostert , verrett etc

  8. Everyone says Kyle is playing too conservative, I beg to differ, I mean, Kyle, why did you sign a place kicker if you are not going to use him, and what is this 1 of 5 on forth down attempts? Now what is conservative about that? I understand that you want to keep their offense off the field, well how did that work for you when you could have pinned them deep? Your defense played well enough to win, but your undisciplined offense and game management sabotaged their good work. You owe the team an apology, especially the "D" and as a loyal fan, ME!

  9. Kyle’s play calling is getting to predictable our Defence is keeping us in games but our Offense is a No Show,Kyle needs to be Fire if he doesn’t Improve the offense.

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