Kyle Shanahan on Trey Lance's 2nd Half Performance | 49ers

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Shanahan reviewed the workforce’s divisional loss to the Seahawks, evaluated Trey Lance’s second-half efficiency and shared postgame harm updates on Jimmy Garoppolo, Trent Williams, Robbie Gould and different 49ers gamers.

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Kyle Shanahan on Trey Lance's 2nd Half Performance | 49ers

40 thoughts on “Kyle Shanahan on Trey Lance's 2nd Half Performance | 49ers”

  1. Sf brass listen up! from day 1 you should have hired Mike Holgrem as the HC and GM. I really don't know what Kyle is doing when he coaches at home. The team plays better on the road. Can we play all of our games on the road?

  2. I like it how everyone knows what’s going on behind the scenes. Be patient and be a supportive fan. Kyle lead this to the Super Bowl. Don’t be like the toxic fan base like the eagle fans

  3. Had we not been up by 24 points in the first game we would be standing at 0-3. Let that sink in. We're once again the weakest in our division all due to, in my opinion terrible play calls and mental mistakes on the players and coaches alike.

  4. The 49ers got robbed in this game. DK Metcalf didn't score a touchdown. The officials were favoring Russell Wilson in this one. I'm hoping the NFL changes the rule of challenging a play at the two minute warning.

  5. I'm a niner fan. That means that I'm a trey lance fan. But I am willing to bet cash $$ mac jones has a better career than lance. He's always been the better prospect. His footwork and mechanics are leagues ahead of lance. One was scouted by the best college football team ever..(Alabama) and greatest coach and talent evaluator in college football history (saban). The other was offered ONE division 1 scholarship. Minnesota was the only college willing to take lance. And that was to play tight end.. as a project. I hope that EVERY division 1 college football coach was wrong and this kid CAN actually play quarterback. But in a draft that had Patrick Mahomes and Deshaun Watson, and justin herbert , Shanahan took c.j Bethard… and said out of his own mouth that c.j was the only qb in that draft that got his attention. Kyle likes being the "genius". So Kyle don't take obviously great talent. That takes away from his "genius "… Kyle wants people talking about his scheme, not the talent…AND the record reflects this. Imagine if this pompous ass genius would actually take the best players…. instead of trying to stroke his own ego. His head coaching record reflects his ability. Its been 5 years now. And other than Salahs defense coaching lights out in 2019 we would have 5 losing seasons in a row. This is who kyle Shanahan is. Sub .500 career coach who gets cute when playcalling. Pompous ass, no-cal, so called….genius

  6. I never want to hear Kyle shanahan and bill wash's name in the same sentence ever again….. You are who your record is.!!!! "Boy genius" please

  7. Kyle Bananahan 🍌🍌🍌

    FG with the punter instead of going for 2 with Trey.

    Terrible call on 4th and 2 to short side.

    Lost the GB game from his poor time mgmt.

    Just stick with Trey, jimmy plays like a rookie with less threat to defense, nearly got kittle killed with his sailing 7 yrd passes over middle. Get over yourself and your ego, it’s not about you. Develop the kid he’s the future not made of glass GQ.

    Try to bring some positivity to the team and act like you want to be there and have this job! And take some damn responsibility. Be a leader!

    Needs to be in the HOTSEAT, not doing a good job as a HC. 31-37 record, lost 9 of last 10 at home.

  8. time to adjust to trey lance shanny more run plays and let him scramble he can run or throw while running no more jimmy g plays in the pocket look at lamar jackson trey is not jimmy g need to adapt to his style sign a kicker change offensive line and beef up our defense let jacques patrick more he is big can push guys forward trey sermon to slow mix up the running backs have at least 3 practicing we have the talent more fake handoffs and run down the middle for 4 th and 1 no more punting be aggresive we can do up tempo ball as shown when we scored with 2:00 minutes left in the game tell trey to run if our receivers are covered time to change your playbook because other teams are sensing what you are doing

  9. Trey Lance shows no ability to read routes and know where to go with the ball.. when u r constantly just running around and showing your 'mobility' that means you suck at being a pocket passer.. even 'mobile' QBs like Wilson and Mahomes are great pocket passers.. Trey Lance fans are delusional if they think he should have started this season and could carry this team to the playoffs/SB… compare Trey to Mac Jones last night…

  10. Hey little Shanny before you draft a QB and give a ton of draft picks wake up get smart that goes for Lynch too and call uncle Bill up in New ENGLAND few thousand $$$$ will help you with good pick and SAVE DRAFTS!!!! Look Big mac JONES and compare with Lance , After all we go back to the same BS happen years ago 49ers pick Alex Smith EARLY round and uncle Bill pick the 49ers fan THE GOAT IS ALL COMMON SENSE Shanny your father had a legacy as a coach the only way you ever have Legacy is when you make a deal with a SUBARU DEALER !!!! 2 super bowl looser you had the lead and play like a chicken

  11. I understand York wanting to be patient and seeing potential in Kyle over the years. I think it’s been the right approach. But he’s in his 5th season and the results overall are mediocre. It’s time for a change. He’s had a lot of draft picks, gets to pick his coaches, a lot of money spent on free agents, gets final say on personnel decisions, etc. He’s had all of the tools to be successful but he isn’t cutting it. 31-36 record.

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