Kyle Shanahan Running Out Of Mulligans

We are able to all justify why Kyle Shanahan has 1 successful season in 4 years. We are able to justify why he determined to not look into Patrick Mahomes and DeShawn Watson. We are able to justify he selected to not pursue Tom Brady. However the outcomes are the outcomes they usually aren’t good.

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Kyle Shanahan Running Out Of Mulligans

8 thoughts on “Kyle Shanahan Running Out Of Mulligans”

  1. So much goes into winning. Kyle is right, most of his choices I think hers made mistakes at QB, OL, and CB. Whatmakes him frustrated is all the silly speculation from unqualified media

  2. Help me understand how the blame was all Jimmy G??… But Lance doesn't do great and Overnight it's Shanahan's Fault. This Question isn't directed at you. But at the Fanbase. This Fanbase has become a Joke. 👀🙆‍♂️ With that said. I said alot of the reason Jimmy G. can't have 3 TD 300 yard games is because Shanahan's Play Calling throws it off.

  3. Please lay off the daily Grant Cohn Kool-Aid videos – He's like a toxic social media Fox news, Pied Piper super troll. Other NFL fans laughing at 49ers fan for the way OTT critisim of Shanahan. (Ever wonder why it's just Shanahan getting critised, McGlincey last year, etc.) Just step our of the 49ers hysteria twitter echo chamber for a shirt while, look what Seahawks, Rams, any others are saying. they've just traded up and drafted one of the youngest, most inexperienced and potentially highest ceiling QB in draft history. They were in a SB 2 years ago. Maybe now good time for some patience/perspective. Fire Salah campaign, Salah helps Grant out – Salah is great shoudl be HC. Fire Lynch, Lynch helps Grant out (favour for Lowell) over Clowney non story, gives Grant interview, never questioned again. Calls for Ward to be cut repeatedly, Ward gives interview – never mentioned again. It's all self servicing BS whipping thesocial media followeres into a frenzy…he's the Donald Trump of sports writing. He's a distractionfor the. See McG,Wards, Armsteads comments on social media affecting mental preperation

  4. That game vs AZ got me think that maybe Lance was forced on him. Hear me out a bit the guy wanted nothing to do with the read option when he got here, thats why CK7 got the boot! And all of sudden he is running almost exclusively for Lance! WTF!!!
    And all those QB powers? You'd think he learned the lesson after he and his dad wrecked RGIII career. Something is not right and I don't see it getting better anytime soon

  5. There were so many miscues by the vets last game and that is what is scary. Why are the Vets failing? The coach should be the person "coaching" these players and it is so weird. Where is the development of the offensive players apart from our stars?

  6. Unconscious bias is the dumbest thing known to man. It's not scientifically proven. Also the concept has no logic behind it. And with all that ignorant racist talk. Im unsubscribing

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