Kyle Shanahan's Team Looks Bad Again

The 49ers and Kyle Shanahan fall to 2-2 after a loss to the Seahawks.

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Kyle Shanahan's Team Looks Bad Again

31 thoughts on “Kyle Shanahan's Team Looks Bad Again”

  1. Everyone forgets we are 37 seconds away from being 3-1 ….just like the Cardinals would be 3-1 if the Vikings kicker could have made a 37 yard field goal. Seattle would be 3-1 if they hadn’t had a fourth quarter collapse against Tennessee. And the Rams are 3-1…

  2. Typical, fans calling for cuts and firings this week and yes I'm a Niner fan. Let the Niners come out and beat the Cardinals in the next game and all of a sudden Kyle will be the greatest coach in the league and we'll be Super Bowl bound again! SMH.

  3. Name a team that can lose there top 4 running backs Mostert.Wilson jr. Hasty Mitchell. Top Corner Verett. Starting line-backer in Greenlaw. Lost our number 1 slot corner in Kwaun. Lost our kicker during warm-ups. lost our starting qb at half time during a tie game 7-7. and we are still competing at a high level. So why do we put this all on Shannahan is just PLAIN STUPID to me!!

  4. Y’all about to burn the house down with those hot takes, chill out! The missed field goal, the dropped return, Jimmy G going out last second at halftime, THAT’S WHY WE LOST. Stop blaming everyone after 4 games where we’re 2-2, things will work out fine when most of our starters are back. We have 80% of the season left

  5. I don't blame Kyle. I blame Jimmy for the poor execution. If he knew he was hurt why didn't he speak up? That's hurting the entire team based off your selfish decision to stay in the game.

  6. What the hell are we going to do with three of our top backs injured, our top CB out, and injuries abound on the OL? When does it fall on the players to stay healthy or perform? We’re so effin quick to find someone to blame. I swear this fanbase can be toxic asf sometimes.

  7. Kyle has one winning season hanging on to players should have been cut horrible play calls horrible drafting in top 3 rounds every year trades up for talent he doesn’t know what to do with them Aiyuk Trey lance Banks and our Rg is getting killed what Offense guru does nothing when your Rookie DC and defense been balling 5 straight 3 and outs and u can only get 7 with his sorry ass jimmy and all the Wr Trey sermon balled didn’t have Trey lance ready that’s on Kyle Aiyuk no plays if Kyle don’t make the playoffs FIRED!

  8. Jimmy G IS THE PROBLEM. Everything has to go perfect for Jimmy G to be successful.

    You saw what Trey was able to do when it broke down…he made plays. Kyle needed a QB that can make something out of nothing.

  9. I totally agree that Cannon should be waived. A double fumble on the same play is totally inexcusable. And you are absolutely right…the Patroits would have cut this guy the very next day.

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