Kyle Shanahan’s Vision for the 49ers’ Future

Grant Cohn explains Kyle Shanahan’s visions for the San Francisco 49ers.

Kyle Shanahan’s Vision for the 49ers’ Future

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22 thoughts on “Kyle Shanahan’s Vision for the 49ers’ Future”

  1. Even in a win, Grant is being negative lmao….I think kicking that FG was a good call, but for us without NFL coaching experience should stop this Monday morning QBing….Grant

  2. Please bring me on your show because you sound RIDICULOUS!!! I would love to debate you because you have your friends on your show who don't challenge you. You need someone on the team to challenge you…smh. It's like you were the kid who didn't get girls or play sports in high school and now…you have a "platform" to talk the b.s. smh.

  3. Grant absolutely right ! Kyle just want everybody praise him ., he will blame everybody but himself ! Grant you will do a better job than our ego centric Head coach !!!!

  4. G overthrew two easy TD passes by 10 yards. Doesn't matter he nailed next ones. That won't win in the playoffs. Gotta trade G or watch him take the team down. Do it!

  5. Look fuck that u remember with Lance playing we missed like 3 4th downs which caused us the game against the cardinals so that fg is to put points on the board

  6. What Kyle vision for the future ? His only vision is making sure he has the safest job and pretend he is the best to the moron owner ! He will finish all the best talented players we have ! He gave garbage time to Trey ????? What happens if Jimmy G gets injured ????????

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