Kyle “The Villain” Lowry, and Coach Steve Nash With Raja Bell | The Bill Simmons Podcast

The Ringer’s Bill Simmons is joined by Raja Bell to debate the Celtics-Raptors sequence, Recreation 6, the Raptors’ efficient protection, the Warmth awaiting their opponent for the Japanese Convention Finals, Brooklyn Nets new head coach Steve Nash, and extra.

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Kyle “The Villain” Lowry, and Coach Steve Nash With Raja Bell | The Bill Simmons Podcast

38 thoughts on “Kyle “The Villain” Lowry, and Coach Steve Nash With Raja Bell | The Bill Simmons Podcast”

  1. I grew up a huge nets fan, largely because of Jason Kidd, but I have to say I think Steve Nash is on another level in terms of communication. I think he’ll be a much better coach.

  2. Raja is fantastic at breaking down the thought process of an elite defender whos job is to be a stopper. Taking away spots from ball handlers is key! So true make them uncomfortable

  3. No disrespect to Raja Bell, but he was NEVER as good a player as Lowry. Lowry is Marcus Smart 2.0, an all star player with the heart of a champion. I can only say all these nice things about him because we've just won the series. God that man is a pest haha.

  4. I actually like Lowry mostly. The only thing that frustrates me about Lowry is that he tries to bitch at refs to get calls on the other team for doing the exact same shit he does to them on the other end.

  5. You guys are real quick to assume Siakam has fallen off a permanent cliff based on a single month of play. I don't think it's that the Celtics have "solved him" necessarily… he hasn't been playing well since he entered the bubble. This is a guy who didn't start playing basketball until he was 16, and had never gone more than a week or two without playing or practicing until the shutdown happened. Then all of a sudden he's stuck in his apartment for and doesn't touch a ball for 4 months. I think that's the real issue right now – rust, and overall inexperience being the #1 guy. There's a reason he won MIP last year – he literally went from a role player who could only really do one thing (running in transition) to being the second best starter on a championship team in less than a year. Pascal isn't a basketball prodigy, he's a hard worker. Give the guy time.

  6. 2 weeks ago coming off of the Brooklyn series, Bill was talking about how it was the Raptors series to win, now its been even and hes talking like the raptors never should have been in the conversation

  7. I'm gonna say what everybody is feeling about these podcasts but maybe hasnt figured out- They're not as good when they're not in the room together. It's hard to get the dynamics, the energy and the enthusiasm to the level you can in person, over Zoom or Skype or whatever. It's just flat not as good. And unfortunately his numbers show it and his listeners and numbers are down. I truly believe that's why. You can feel it just isn't the same. Its flatter, more boring, not as many good ideas because they can't feed off each other.

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