La VERDADERA Historia de Koroyn (Un Mensaje a MI Comunidad) [Leer Descripcion]

Un video llamado: El VTUBER que FINGIÓ una DISCAPACIDAD por DINERO | KoroYN ¿Qué pasó con ASRIA?

Me fue hecho para generar acoso y odio dentro de mi comunidad, el siguiente hilo de twitter fue hecho para aclarar las falsas afirmaciones hechas en tal video…

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A video known as: El VTUBER que FINGIÓ una DISCAPACIDAD por DINERO | KoroYN ¿Qué pasó con ASRIA?

Was accomplished in direction of me to generate harrassment and hate in direction of my group, the tweet linked aboved explains and clarifies all of the claims made. [The tweet its on spanish, so you might wanna use translator for it, specially the screenshots]

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La VERDADERA Historia de Koroyn (Un Mensaje a MI Comunidad) [Leer Descripcion]

19 thoughts on “La VERDADERA Historia de Koroyn (Un Mensaje a MI Comunidad) [Leer Descripcion]”

  1. El siguiente hilo de twitter fue hecho para aclarar las falsas afirmaciones hechas en un video generado para crear acoso y odio hacia mi comunidad
    The following twitter thread was made to clarify some false affirmations made in a video that was generating harrassment and hate towards my community [Its in spanish so you might want to translate]

  2. Jar Man here, glad that you’re okay Koro. I’m glad you had the courage to tell us what was wrong. Thank you for doing that, we care for you. It’s alright to make mistakes in life, it’s normal. But again, I’m glad you’re okay. This is a much better choice than maybe something bad. You’ve helped me get through some depression I wanna let you know, and thank you for that. If something happened, I would’ve been pretty upset. We forgive you, Koro. And again, thank you.

  3. Normally I would stay away from streamers or youtbers with a bad past but I do trust your words that you want to change. That is because I remember you did a charity stream very early on your streaming career and you were trusted with EDMS. As for gender it doesn't matter as some vtubers hide their gender as well it's not really something new. As for making money off people donating means nothing as 99% of donos said nothing about funds for illness or something similar. They were because they enjoyed your streams. Also streaming in the end is a job so making money is a part of it. I never once stayed out of pity but because I enjoyed the streams. You have a great community behind you willing to support you and give you a second chance so don't beat yourself down about it and strive to change for the better.

  4. I don't care if you're a man or a woman, cuteness is justices It is normal for me to not be able to distinguish between men and women in my country in Thailand It's not wrong that men want to be cute or women want to be handsome like men So don't think too much and keep trying everything will be fine

  5. I Glad to meet two types of people in his. One is finding his/her fault, admitting it and truly try to be a better person. 2nd is people who can forgive and put aside the negative and embrace the good qualities. hope that all of us can grow into better person and be a better people than our yesterday self.

  6. You now, I always thought that you were scared and shattered by what happened back then but when all happened I didn't really care because everyone has a reason of being who they are and how they are and if anyone thinks that you can judge some without knowing those details they are wrong

  7. I've met a lot of people who dislike their voice or certain parts about them. I can understand why but I think it's important for everyone to be able to see their own beauty. I think everyone can be and look amazing regardless of who and what they are. Sometimes it takes someone to show you your own beauty and sometimes you can discover it yourself.

    Everyone makes mistakes and everyone can do something horrible without realizing it. The part which I find redeeming is when the person grows and becomes better. This video clearly shows you have grown and I personally never knew of your past but I don't think I fully need to. You have my support for your future. Be proud of yourself and what you do and keep on doing what you wanna do.

  8. There are some people who disliked this video, meaning they could be the people who harassed your community. Still, we can forgive you for your past mistakes, those people are straight toxic, it's rarely for us to have some supports for other people..
    Everyone makes mistakes, so you don't have to think about those again and move on

  9. Koro we forgive you, thank you for tossing all this out and we love and trust you friend. I learned that people need a second chance, forgive and forget and if people are worried more about money and crap more so than friendship then they're not very good friends to begin with. Keep being Koro and I'll keep supporting you.

  10. Trans Women myself, my voice is so deep i can produce infrabass
    fortunateley i like my voice, but i know how much of a burden it can be (i say to people that it's okay to adress me as male because of it), but i also done a thing where i impersonated a character that i made mute on a discord server that was not about role play and it blew up on me, felt the same as you, but i lied for my own good
    i felt bad but it gave me so much good, and that feeling of goodness should be the only thing to remember : if you needed to lie to be in peace with that problem it's not your fault, it's others that created a pressure on it and forced you to go down that route for your own good
    not that they are themself bad, they didn't know about that, but saying it was a problem for you would have resolved the problem peacefully ? wouldn't trolls would have picked on that specific subject, creating pain where a lie would have avoided it completely ?

    it's complicated but you have my sinceer support Koro

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