Letting Eric Andre In | Lessons in Meme Culture

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While this “Let Me In” meme has been round for some time, it marks a recurring pattern in which one can observe Eric Andre quotes turning into wildly standard, and for good cause.

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Music: Honey Bee – Kevin MacLeod

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Letting Eric Andre In | Lessons in Meme Culture

36 thoughts on “Letting Eric Andre In | Lessons in Meme Culture”

  1. I have a discord server where a bot greets you before you get verified so you can see the rest of the server.The bot puts a gif of "Let me in LET ME IN"

  2. Two other memes that stem from The Eric Andre Show are “Why are you booing me, I’m right” and “You did it! You boiled X down to its most essential parts”

  3. I'd like to see a video on the whole "Big Mouth Screech" / "I'm a Monster" meme. Why the hell did that get popular now when it's based on a tired visual gag?

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