Lil Pete – Lie (Audio) (feat. 03 Greedo)

From the mission, “4EverFocused”.

Official Audio by Lil Pete – Lie (Audio) © 2018 Public Housin’

Lil Pete – Lie (Audio) (feat. 03 Greedo)

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50 thoughts on “Lil Pete – Lie (Audio) (feat. 03 Greedo)”

  1. Shit I remember I was in watts and they had me starved for like 5 days then some other crazy shit then they kicked my ass and told me I was a kid not to be on there block or I would get hurt then I thought I had got jumped in .: hella crazy

  2. I bump this every time I hear the Barbershop in Contra Costa are going to open and then shut them bitches back down before opening. "I guess I am a pussy and a bitch".

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