Lil Pete – Never Understand Me (Audio)

I Made a Promise
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Lil Pete – Never Understand Me (Audio)

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28 thoughts on “Lil Pete – Never Understand Me (Audio)”

  1. This is music to my ears yeo🤩 , all funny shit aside u speaking facts like dang I been goin thru shit I never had it easy to only 14 but I can relate a little I aint them niggas who be acting shit they ain’t but ily thanks for this music really helps ❤️ all love brother <3

  2. hey bro my n** you go hard though bro this is burn Phoenix Arizona but you go hard when they get it from Phoenix Arizona bro you going to haul my n** like I said bro can you put can you put me on what's up what's up bro can you put me on can you put me on what about asking girl or boy this is Brandon. I appreciate appreciate you putting up with a bad messenger

  3. I found this is brother from Phoenix Arizona I'm trying to I was trying to go with you for this is Brandon this is brother like I said my n** can you put me on can you put me on with a bad Mexican girl I appreciate you.

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