Lil Pete on Police Raiding His Home and Arresting Both of His Parents at 15 (Part 2)

Half 3:
Half 1:
On this clip, Lil Pete opened up about his expertise in juvenile corridor at 14 in consequence of a fist battle he had a college. He then went on to debate his home being raided at 15 which resulted in his dad and mom being arrested. Lil Pete mentioned they’re presently incarcerated (*15*) the case continues to be open (*15*) declined to supply up some other particulars surrounding their case.

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Lil Pete on Police Raiding His Home (*15*) Arresting Both of His Parents at 15 (Half 2)

43 thoughts on “Lil Pete on Police Raiding His Home and Arresting Both of His Parents at 15 (Part 2)”

  1. I’m from San Francisco and that street life life style is stupid. I rather give a statement then go to jail and have that shit on my record. Lol think long term kids, think about where you’re going to be 20-30 years from now. You’re gonna be old as fuck you’re going to probably still be working and you will have to atleast have a clean record and some some of certificate or degree. Leave he ghetto street life kids. All respect to Lil Pete I know he grew up pretty fortunate and made something out of music, but not every kid out there has what Pete has. God bless you all.

  2. That’s exactly what happened to me that’s why I fw lil Pete Bc something’s are just like me but I’m not tryna sound cool but I’m not apart of any gangs I had got in trouble 13 years old

  3. Vlad always ask guests if they cried dimbass questions it’s like he wants to make fun of em for crying what a bitch surprised someone hasn’t asked them why he always ask that

  4. I defend vlad a lot but everyone has a bad game every once in a while. This you bad game vlad. Your Questions and listening skills were off. Bad interview with a not so appealing guest! Kid look shook the whole time!

  5. Bay stand up lil pete got good music and for yall saying he boring obviously he about that life quiet as kept he aint no loud mouth giving up info

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