Live From Des Moines Iowa President Trump Rally

Chat Live with Rhino and watch the protection of President Donald Trumps Rally Live from Des Moines Iowa

Live From Des Moines Iowa President Trump Rally

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35 thoughts on “Live From Des Moines Iowa President Trump Rally”

  1. Nothing than lias, how can people believe all this nonsense. Can you not read? You are not educated enough to understand Trump? The world is not laughing at Trump anymore, but about the American people.

  2. Trump cheats his lawyers and he has been ordered by several artists to pay royalties for the Orangeman using their music without permission. Does he also realize that YMCA is the gay national anthem. How does his patriot supporters feel about that?

  3. And they said TRUMP was the fascist ..

    If you look through the 3 worst forms of government
    Communist, Fascism, and Nazism all 3 was FULLY supported by the left/democrats

  4. Socialism of the
    People = communism
    State = fascism
    Race = nazism

    Those three has killed more people then all religions combined and are all leftist ideology

  5. Jobs bill
    1. Find them
    2. Collect them
    3. Hold them
    4. Send them back

    2-4 should only take 24-48 hrs

    With 30+ million illegals is a massive number of jobs

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