Mac Miller – Donald Trump

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Mac Miller
Donald Trump (Produced by Sap)
1st Single off of Finest Day Ever

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Director: Ian Wolfson
Cinematographer: Patrick Stroub
Producer: Samantha Racanelli
Government Producer: Benjy Grinberg
Extra Help: Greta Zozula

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Mac Miller – Donald Trump

31 thoughts on “Mac Miller – Donald Trump”

  1. Before Trump ran for president everyone loved him. Trump has always talked politics and always mention running for president one day. Then all of a sudden hes racist… Hes racist because he believes anyone who enters our country should have a background check and legal documents stating who they are. Trump is not racist the only color he sees is green! He wanted to make our economy boom like never before. It was starting and he could of done more but instead day after day for 4 years putting pressure on him with false accusations and lies. Now look where we are Biden is crashing the economy like never before. Prices are up in gas, food, labor, everything! Its only going to continue to get higher.. Plus with mandating the vaccine a lot of people will lose important job roles. Everyone thinks Its funny untill its starts affecting you.

  2. @Trenton Jager IF I'm NOT WORTH IT WHY ARE YOU REPLYING?😆😅🤣

    You don't know what racism is, you have no clue on that subject matter it's not in you're wheelhouse.

    Understanding racism you have to be honest with American History, which you don't have the bravery to do so.

    If you are a father with two children, and child one says or does something bad, and you go to correct that child for its behavior, and child one refuses to take responsibility for its behavior and just wants to repeat WHAT ABOUT child two or WHAT ABOUT the kid next door?

    That's deflection, and that Jager is all you do.

    So this is not an honest debate. I've told you before Im not a democrat or a republican unlike you I have no puppet master.

    I'm searching for honesty and integrity, Jager you just want team Republican to win, that's all that matters to you.

    I have voted for Democrats and Republicans in my life, you jagger you can't say that for you it's team RED OR DEAD.

    Donald Trump threw himself under the bus during Central Park 5 which you know nothing about. If Donald Trump would have just apologized for any of his behavior, past or present I could give him the benefit of the doubt.

    He doesn't have to apologize because he has sheep like you who will protect him at all costs.

    I refuse to play the WHATABOUTISM game with you, either you can stay on subject, or go back online and buy another overpriced Trump hat.

    Put it to you this way, would it be acceptable for me to find you're mother, sister, or girlfriend /wife approach them look them directly in the eye and tell them how much I want to grab there


    Hey, you wouldn't mind that at all right, you are cool with that right? If you saw me walking down the street you give me a high 5 after that right?

    you could sit in a bar have some beers and talk about how wonderful it would be for me to have some great ass P🎆🎆🎆Y to grab from the women in you're family?

    If you wouldn't accept that from me, why would you accept that from any leader be he, Democrat or Republican?

    Is it about integrity or is it just about winning at all cost Jagger?

    Not everyone's America is the same BUD to bad you're not smart enough to comprehend that.

    Trying to make Biden and Trump the same person is so desperate, so weak, and holds no merit whatsoever.

  3. If this comment gets likes, then that's proof people come here everyday

  4. If this song came out when you were young then you had an amazing childhood.

  5. Man is this song meaningful now,leave it to a Miller to have instincts!!!i said he should be president way back when too,i think was 2001 when 911 hit when he did that news segment!!!

  6. I met mac Miller 10 years ago when I was homeless panhandling in Pittsburgh and he gave me a ticket to a show. I wasn't big into rap music at that time and didn't kno it was him until I moved back home n my big homie amoney showed me this video and I was like dude that dude gave me a ticket to a show… RIP Mac Miller and RIP to my big homie amoney. Shady Toad showing love and respect!

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