Mike Lindell Begging Jimmy Kimmel to Join His Show Is Hilarious

That is humorous. MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell begs Jimmy Kimmel to make an look at his upcoming Thanks-a-Thon whereas his dwell stream crashes and it is hilarious. I’ve amusing with Lindell pleading for Kimmel to be part of the Thanks a Thon, Mike’s Australian contact is revealed, there’s extra jail speak and a wild interview with ‘America’s Mother’. I additionally have a look at the newest in silly from Matt Gaetz, Marjorie Taylor Greene and dig into the primary ebook written by Donald Trump. Comic Tommy Campbell breaks down MyPillow Mike Lindell’s breakdown and extra topical comedy and information satire. #mikelindell #mypillow #jimmykimmel

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Mike Lindell Begging Jimmy Kimmel to Join His Show Is Hilarious

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Mike Lindell Begging Jimmy Kimmel to Join His Show Is Hilarious

48 thoughts on “Mike Lindell Begging Jimmy Kimmel to Join His Show Is Hilarious”

  1. I want to have a drone come up to me and tell me to go home! Every time I leave home I look up and – no drone. Bloody Hell! Pillow Fool! Where are the damn drones?

  2. I’m an Australian. Please don’t insult us by claiming we need you. In actual fact Mike and crew are an absurd joke. Sam in Sydney is not representative of Australia and probably doesn’t even live here.

  3. Ok top props to Trump, genuinely thought the book would have been a colouring in book or at the very least a paint-by-numbers book where he would only realise that the pages would stick together on Faux News. On the other hand Mike is only half a braincell away from being a Flat Earther making videos in his car and uploading them using McDonald's wifi.

  4. Ex crack addict my ASS!!! Mike pillow is the textbook definition of a addict in full blown relapse and crisis mode but he's so far gone by mixing crack with Dumpism and you get exactly what you see every single time the pillow dunk shows his face or opens his mouth, go away crack man go away now!!!!

  5. 8:57 Mike Lindell "I was an ex-crack addict" Finally some TRUTH from this guy <3

    Kyle is a murderer, he did not go to Wisconsin to hunt legal game; i.e. rabbit, moose or squirrel, or whatever was in season that night. He went to Kenosha to hunt PEOPLE, plain and simple. He is a monster, that judge was biased and the whole trial was a travesty of justice. Kyle was in no definition of the term "legal" to be on those streets that night with that AR-15.

  6. Here I was thinking that it was just a typically large Australian March fly buzzing in my ear when I left the house this morning. When all the while it was a government drone telling me to go back inside. Thanks Mike Pillow. Who knew that an 'ex' crackhead could be our only hope?

  7. Mike Pillow " I was an ex crack addict…..I am" You couldn't make this stuff up Tommy, thank you for posting it. It's akin to when the former guy said sockpiles instead of stockpiles.😂 You are the equivalent to a good nights sleep, I always feel better after watching your show.
    Many Thanks!

  8. thanks for another look into the vast expanse of nothingness brought to us all by insanity tv – so funny!!! mr pill head should have you and Kimmel on insanity TV – that would be worth a pay per view!

  9. Yeah, we're ok in Oz. We don't need a crack addict, a white racist, or a Chinese "Australian" telling us how to run our country. We are surviving Covid better than Trumpian cultists are saying. Thanks anyway! (BTW it was our drones that hacked your network!!! Lmao. Enjoy)

  10. Someone ought to video Marjorie Taylor Greene getting on a flight with a mask…. and then ask her if she's giving a message to all MAGA supporters that they should just cave in to the libtards…

  11. Ahhhh we are getting attackeded! See Americans they don’t want us to show the truth!! Even though we have NEVER shown one thing anyway but yes we were attackeded… this is so funny… wake up people this absolute $hit show is likely a looking glass into potus 45s sessions with his cabinet.

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